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A Lenten Journey Through the Gospels
With Richard
Worth The Wait

  Delayed Gratification:
The Wait That Elevates

      Dive into the transformative power of patience in “Delayed Gratification: The Wait That Elevates.” Richard shares his inspiring journey of overcoming health hurdles by choosing veggies over vice during Lent, proving that self-discipline isn’t just good for the soul—it’s great for the body too. Join Richard as we learn that the best rewards aren’t just handed to us—they’re earned through the art of waiting.

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Lenten Bible Study

knox lent bookmark
Discover Joy in the Journey with “Life Lessons with Jesus”
– A Special Lenten Bible Study Series!

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure through scripture! Embark on our Lenten Bible Study: “Life Lessons with Jesus: A Lenten Journey Through the Gospels.” Each Wednesday, we’ll uncover life-changing insights from the Gospels of Mark and John.

When: Every Wednesday at 10 AM (starting February 14, 21, 28 March 6, 13, 20 for 6 sessions)

Where: Knox UC Narthex

Anticipate a time of vibrant discussion, profound text exploration, and unique art activities that promise to illuminate your Lenten path. This is your special invitation to deepen your faith and fellowship as we anticipate the joy of Easter.

… 📅 click here to download a copy of the guide

Annual Congregational Meeting held February 25, 2024

View and Download the Knox Annual Report for 2023 and the PowerPoint Presentation for the Annual Congregational Meeting HERE


Knox Neighbourhood

Heart Cross Palm Crown of Thrones on Easter Purple

What is LENT?

     Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say they’re giving something up for Lent?

     Lent is the 40 days (not including Sundays) from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Easter. Lent is often described as a time of preparation and an opportunity to go deeper with God. This means that it’s a time for personal reflection that prepares people’s hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter.



     We wanted to show some love to our feathered friends and neighbours while getting creative!

Try this at Home!

     Watch us create some Heart Shaped Bird Feeders that you can easily re-create at home to adorn your own yard and home. The trick is defiantly in the gelatin – follow the instructions on the packet carefully and allow yourself lots of time to let them dry out – overnight is best!

The Colour Purple

     The rarity of Purple in nature and the expense of creating its dye have given the colour a great deal of prestige. It is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

     The use of purple during Lent reminds us of: the Royalty of Christ, His passion and death for our sins, and the coming of spring (renewal).

Next Worship

March 3, 2024
10 am

“Temple Tantrums: Righteous Rage or Rant?
with Rev Dr Richard Chung

John 2:13-22

Life Lessons with Jesus: A Lenten Journey Through the Gospels

A Lent & Easter Sermon Series with Rev Dr Richard Chung

     Join us on a unique Lenten journey where we’ll explore some of life’s biggest lessons through the eyes of Jesus, as told in the Gospels of Mark and John. This series isn’t about being overly solemn; it’s about finding meaningful insights and joy in our walk with Christ. Each week, we’ll dive into a different Gospel story, unpacking how these ancient narratives have a surprisingly fresh and relevant take on our modern lives.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

Theme: Recipes
Vancouver’s Intertidal Choral Ensemble
Featuring original works by Patrick Zhu

I Can't Believe It is Not Butter Concert

  Sunday, March 10
Knox, 5590 Balaclava Street Vancouver
5:00 PM

     Vancouver’s Intertidal Choral Ensemble is bringing a fun and diverse program for their second performance at Knox.  

     Four works are by Patrick Zhu, which uses text from recipes.  Three of these are new works, which Patrick wrote for this specific concert.  They use text from a recipe book that a friend received from his mother.

     Intertidal will also perform a piece called Tchaka by Syndey Guillaume, which is about a Haitian Stew — a lively piece with four percussion parts.  Also included in the program is Double, Double Toil and Trouble by Mäntyjärvi, and Which was the son of… by Arvo Pärt, as well as a new work by Benjamin Sigerson (another young composer friend of Intertidal) called Choking Hazard

Attendance is by donation ($20 recommended). 
We hope to welcome you!

Sip Through History:
A History of the World in 6 Glasses”
In Person Book Club

Sip through History Book Club
A Journey with “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” Book Club

     Hey history buffs and beverage enthusiasts!

     Are you ready to quench your thirst for knowledge and dive into the fascinating stories behind the drinks that shaped our world? Join us for a bubbly, enlightening journey through Tom Standage’s “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” at our next book club meeting!

�� Date: March 21 (Thursday)
⏰ Time: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
�� Location: Knox UC

     From the beer that built civilizations to the Coca-Cola that symbolizes American culture, we’ll explore how six iconic beverages influenced history, culture, and politics.

     Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea enthusiast, or soda fanatic, there’s a story in this book for you.

What’s Brewing?

  • Lively discussions on each of the six drinks
  • Fun facts and historical insights
  • A chance to share your own beverage-related stories and traditions
  • No Pre-Reading Required! Haven’t read the book yet? No problem! We’ll provide a sparkling summary that’ll catch you up on all the key points and significance of each drink.
  • This meeting is perfect for anyone curious about the intersection of history and our favorite beverages.
         So, grab your favorite drink (we will provide coffee, tea, and cola but no alcoholic beverage – please bring your own mug), and let’s toast to an afternoon of history, discussion, and discovery. Don’t miss out on this refreshing take on world history!

�� RSVP to Richard by March 17.
Can’t wait to see you there and share a toast to history’s most influential drinks!
Meanwhile —- try the Quiz:


  1. At the wedding in Cana, into how many water jugs did Jesus transform water into wine?
  2. What was the quality of the wine that Jesus made from water at the wedding in Cana, according to the banquet master?
  3. What type of wine is traditionally believed to have been given to Jesus on the cross?

Lenten / Easter Appeal Drive:
A Call for Compassion

As we enter this season of reflection and renewal, our church is presented with a profound opportunity to embody the spirit of Lent through acts of compassion, justice and support. This year, our Annual Lenten/Easter Appeal Drive takes on a special significance as we focus our efforts on sponsoring a Rohingya family from Cox’s Bazaar refugee camp, identified through the compassionate work of one of the four partner congregations in this refugee sponsorship.

Learn more about the Refugee Family
we are sponsoring HERE

Our Mission:
Amidst stricter federal regulations for refugee sponsorship, our collective goal is to gather the necessary funds to bring a family facing grave dangers to safety in our community. This initiative is not just about financial aid; it’s a testament to our shared values of empathy, support, and action.

Urgency and Hope:
With half of the required funds already raised, we are reaching out to you, our church family, and the broader community, to bring our mission to fruition. The plight of the Rohingya family we aim to help is a stark reminder of the fragility of peace and the importance of sanctuary.

Join Us in Making a Difference:
We invite you to contribute to this life-saving project. Your generosity can pave the way for a brighter future for a family in need. Let us come together in faith and love, proving that even in the darkest times, light can emerge through unity and compassion.

Let’s embody the change we wish to see in the world.
Donate today by clicking on the Button Below

If you prefer you can write a cheque payable to Knox United Church with an indication that it is for the Rohingya Sponsorship and bring it on Sunday or mail it to the church office at 5590 Balaclava Street Vancouver BC V6N 1L1
Lenten Appeal Envelopes can be found in the pews and
dropped into the Offering Box.

Knox United Church issues tax receipts for donations of $25 or more that are identified with your name and address.

With gratitude and hope,
Susan McAlpine, Board Chair
Knox United Church

…“be kind and stay safe

A Call for Compassion ~ Sponsoring a Rohingya Family

Find Knox

5590 Balaclava Street
Vancouver, BC
V6N 1L1   Canada

Building our neighbourhoods and helping each other depends on your participation and DONATIONS. Thank you for giving what you can.

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