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“Flaws to Flourish: A Summer of Self-Discovery”
with Richard

               Welcome to “Flaws to Flourish: A Summer of Self-Discovery,” where Richard takes a deep dive into common character flaws and uncover how to transform them using timeless Biblical wisdom.

               Each episode offers a chance to reflect on our imperfections and learn how to turn them into strengths. From the Criticizer to the Envious, join Richard as he explores what the Bible says about these traits and guides you on a journey of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Stay Strong And Steady

The Sensitive:
from Sensitive
to Resilient”   


             Easily hurt by others? Are you a sensitive type? Join Richard as he explores how to move from being easily offended to becoming resilient and strong. Richard shares some personal stories and tips from the scripture to guide you on this journey.

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Summer Spirit 2024 Theme:
On Earth as in Heaven

              During the summer months, June 30 through September 1, we invite you to come worship with the Summer Spirit Congregations either in person or via your device.

Participating United Churches :

  • Knox
  • Marpole
  • Pacific Spirit
  • Shaughessy Heights
  • St Stephen’s
  • West Point Grey

              The congregations of the Vancouver Westside United Churches will rotate Sunday Worship Services as follows:

Pacific Spirit
2195 W. 45th Avenue
July 21, July 28, August 4

Shaughessy Heights
1550 W 33rd Avenue
August 11, August 18, August 25

St Stephen’s
7025 Granville Street
September 1

In Person Services begin at 10 am.

Digital Live Stream will be broadcast on this website at 10 am and available on demand thereafter.

Embodied Lord’s Prayer
with Rev Deb Walker

Tactics - for Knox Strategy and vision

Knox’s Strategic Plan – We Have Tactics!!

In April 2023, following Knox’s Annual Congregational Meeting, we kicked off a formal Strategic Planning process.  The Trustees, Board, and Finance team met to have a candid talk about Knox’s future. 

Our discussion focused on Knox’s vision – a unique, beautiful, and authentic vision for connecting people who may be experiencing isolation, using the Arts as a medium.  Generally, the consensus was that Church Life and the Arts have been getting the bulk of our time and attention since the pandemic, with much less focus on Isolation.  And, we’ve been living life like there’s still a pandemic on.  As a group, we agreed on one thing:  To secure a vibrant future or legacy for Knox, we must design Vision-based initiatives into which we can pour our hearts.

However, this meeting also raised a lot of questions.  READ MORE  

Today’s progress is always compounded by yesterday’s effort, no matter how small.

Next Worship

July 21, 2024
at 10 am

“Bridging Worlds: The Samaritan Way”

Reading:Luke 10: 25-37

with Rev. Dr. Richard Chung
Have a Listen to the Anthem Jabula Jesu
sung by The Chamber Choir of Pacific Spirit under the direction of Bryn Nixon

     Hey KnoxVan Community,
Are you interested in participating in a UBC Research Project
– The Power of The ARTS?

               Jessie Chan is doing her master thesis; here is how she describes the study:
” I am very passionate about promoting healthy aging. Therefore, my project is centred around investigating how the arts and social interaction may improve cognition, mood, and quality of life in those who are aging normally but may want to see if they can improve these areas of their lives.”

Check out this invitational video describing the Study and please consider participating.

     To examine this (the thesis above), participants engage in an activity on their own time for 10 weeks. There are 5 activities that individuals may randomly be assigned to. The first activity would consist of listening to beloved music that brings back fond memories from childhood each week, the second activity involves listening to beloved spoken word (fables, prayers, stories, poems etc.) that bring back fond memories from their childhood each week, the third activity is listening to music with a close friend or relative each week, the fourth activity would be spending quality time with a close friend or relative, and the fifth activity is called our business as usual group. Those in the last group go on with their daily lives and don’t have to worry about doing anything for the 10 weeks!

     We ask that participants spend around 90 minutes doing each activity per week. This can be with a different person every single time (if they are in conditions 3 or 4), and they can engage in their activity whenever they want (e.g., 5 minutes one day, 20 the next, 40 another day etc.). Throughout the activity period, one of my research assistants or I will call every 2 weeks just to quickly check-in.

          Also, every single participant gets to keep the audio device we provide them with to listen to the music or spoken word for free. Even those who don’t listen to anything will get the audio device at the end of the study.

     As I mentioned before, I am very passionate about healthy aging and finding ways to help elders improve their cognition, mood, and quality of life. The inspiration for this project comes from several studies that demonstrate how music can temporarily improve cognition for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. None have implemented any interventions for adults aging normally, hence why I am interested in this particular project. To assess cognition, mood, and quality of life, we come and visit with participants and administer questionnaires, a short interview, and some games before and after their intervention begins. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and we welcome anyone who is 45 years of age or older who is interested.

     Growing up in the church, one of the things I have always loved is how connected the church community is.”

To participate in the UBC Study – The Power of The Arts, please send your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE NUMBER to Jessie Chan

Strength, Stretch & Balance


strength stretch balance summer session exercise class with Kate


     Congregation members, family, friends, and neighbours are all welcome to attend. Bring your own water and wear comfortable clothes. Refreshments will be available after the session.

     This moderately paced program is suitable for all levels.
Using a variety of props including chairs and resistance bands, participants can choose to sit or stand through various strength, balance and rhythmic exercises set to music.

Instructor: Kate Maliha, from Love Your Age Fitness

When: Thursdays, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Summer Session:
July 4, 11, 18 and 25,
August 1, 8, and 15

Where: Knox United Church Sanctuary,
5590 Balaclava Street; enter through the Narthex
(the Knox Parking Lot will be open for attendees).

All Summer Classes are Drop In
$10 Each – payable at the class

More Information

Arts and Crafts Free Drop In

Arts and Crafts Drop In Mondays at Knox Vancouver

MONDAYS 1 pm – 3 pm

Are you working on an arts or crafts project? Knitting or needlework? Origami or paper airplanes? Or…? Bring your own project to the weekly Knox Arts and Crafts Drop-In.

Where: Knox United Church Sanctuary, 5590 Balaclava St.;
Cost: FREE Tea/Coffee included

Everyone is welcome.
Feel free to invite family, friends, and neighbours.

…“be kind and stay safe

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5590 Balaclava Street
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Building our neighbourhoods and helping each other depends on your participation and DONATIONS. Thank you for giving what you can.

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