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     The Canadian Red Cross has launched the British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal to support those impacted by the recent severe rainfall across the British Columbia southern coast and interior regions, which resulted in multiple flooding events, landslides, power outages, and other incidents.

    Money raised, from your donation, will enable the Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in the region at the individual and community needs.

DONATIONS can be made by clicking on the Special Appeal Button

*DONATION MATCH: Give today and your gift is worth triple*.

Thanks for helping to support people impacted by the recent floods and extreme weather in British Columbia.

     If you have been affected by the floods and resulting devastation please visit the Red Cross dot ca website to find out how to apply for financial assistance.

VISION & VIRTUAL our Special Appeal

Vision refers to Knox’s outreach programs, and Virtual is the way we’re living out our vision during the pandemic.

Your gifts to the special appeal will go directly to helping in many areas that are new for Knox: Instrumental Measures & performer chat, our renovated web ministry, virtual worship, and virtual social activities.

General Givings

Helping A Neighbour
Jesus said, “love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”In the spirit of Jesus, Knox is about loving our neighbours.

Thank you for helping Knox connect to our neighbours through the Arts.

We appreciate all donations, on any level you feel you can give – to Knox in general, or for a specific program we offer. We’d also love to hear from you if you’re interested in volunteering. Every dollar and pair of hands helps us reach into the neighbourhood to create connections, reduce loneliness, and support the Arts.

In the pandemic, Knox supports Kerrisdale and Dunbar with a variety of virtual programs — worship, social groups, concerts, and art vlogs.  We also continue to offer safe, low-cost rental space to neighbourhood groups. 

We’re excited to continue providing this support with your help.

Loneliness Giving – Tea Time Talk, Community Lunch, Healing Touch Program, Wider Community Support

Arts Giving – Instrumental Measures, Curated and Curious, Sunday Socials

Christian Giving – Virtual Worship and Operations.

Click on the blue Give Button below to make your donation.

The way that you choose to donate is your personal, spiritual, and financial choice. Thank you for financially supporting Knox United Church and our vision “to engage our neighbours through the arts, building a community without loneliness.” You are making a difference!

Knox Memorial Fund

Knox Funeral Services

   “In Memory of” donations are a wonderful way to honour and remember someone who has passed away. Their legacy lives on through all the important work they did.  And an in memory donation  helps the living.
   In Memory of Donations can be made by clicking on the orange Donate Button below.  If you prefer to make this type of donation by phone, please call 604 261 3747.


Knox United Church issues tax receipts for donations of $25 or more that are identified with your name and address.

Thank you for remembering Knox United Vancouver. In God’s generous love, we will get through this turbulent and challenging time together.

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Annual Program Donations provide the life blood of program meaningfulness. It makes planning and resource allocation possible.
Respecting the wishes of each provider allows direction to a program, ministry, combination or to general service.

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