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Homeward Bound:
Richard’s Sabbatical Travel Log

A Fall Vodcast Series

       Join Richard as he takes a three-month sabbatical in Korea. “Homeward Bound: Richard’s Sabbatical Travel Log” isn’t just a journey through different locations in Korea; it’s an exploration of self, faith, and what it truly means to come home.

      Each week brings new stories, all tied together with thought-provoking Bible verses that connect Richard’s experiences with timeless truths. Through his explorations and reflections, you might find inspiration for your own exploration of what ‘home’ truly means.

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Knox Neighbourhood

Ecotones Arts Festival

The term Ecotones is about different habitats overlapping. Where the land and ocean meet; or the Sun breaks out of morning clouds, revealing the new horizon.

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      This very unique festival will happen on November 17, 18, 19th.

      Ecotones is a special project in that it embraces an age friendly model that will bring together all kinds of artistic communities with different age groups to celebrate where artistic habitats overlap.       KnoxVan Events has partnered with several businesses, guilds, organizations and artists of varying ages, backgrounds, experiences, and mediums. The festival has online, as well as, in person events at 5590 Balaclava Street in Vancouver to allow patrons of all ages and ability to experience, experiment and exercise creativity in this curated arts hub.

      We are focusing on the arts as a lens to explore the topics we are passionate about including spirituality, culture, community and expression. Most importantly,The Ecotones Arts Festival is a chance to come together and examine the modern world; as well as where and when it co-exists with the old.

Next Worship

September 24, 2023
Note New time: 10 am

with Rev Diane Halkett
The Jonah Syndrome’
‘Choose Life and Hope with a Grateful Heart’

Reading: Jonah 3: 10-4:11
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20: 1-16

What is YOUR Favorite Artistic Tool
Ecotones Arts Festival

Ecotones Arts Festival is looking for your opinion – we want to know
What  YOUR favorite artistic tool is?

 You know the one that you absolutely love to use. The one that gives you the results you want. The one that is essential for you in your art form. 

Click on the CONTACT US Form to email us your favorite brush, guitar pick, brand of paint, type of whisk or crochet hook; and tell us a little bit about why it’s your favorite.  We promise to share your responses with everyone!

Let’s try to represent tools across many different artistic worlds – cooking, painting, embroidery, writing, dance, sculpting, music, colouring, paint by number – you get the idea! 
Thanks for participating!

Rev Diane Halkett

Rev. Diane Halkett headshot
Rev Diane

      I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve God as the lead minister’ with those who attend Knox United Church both in person and online; and to walk together as a congregation of faith within the community at large during Rev Dr Richard’s Chung three month sabbatical. Let me introduce myself.     

      I have a lengthy history of serving in ministries of worship, health, counseling, pastoral care, and education. I have been employed and volunteered within God’s ministries both within the United Church itself and outside its brick and mortar walls.

Proudly sponsored by KnoxVan Events
in partnership with local Arts Organizations and Patrons
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ARTISTS Call – All Mediums

November 17, 18 & 19

In Person LIVE GALLERY: The Knox Art Hub
5590 Balaclava

…“be kind and stay safe

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5590 Balaclava Street
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