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Curated & Curious
with Elspeth Robertson

Elspeth is a Fiber Artist, Registered Clinical Counsellor & Professional Art Therapist. We talk about running an arts-based store online for her textile art, what it’s like to attend an art therapy session and how her passion for the arts led her to a career as an Art Therapist.

Enjoy Renaissance flutes by Filadelfio Puglisi (Florence) and Peter Noy (Seattle) played by Jeffrey Cohan of Salish Sea Early Music Festival in this Sharing and Caring from Home 2021 Series:  Giovanni Bassano: Solos, Diminutions and Trios.

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Instrumental Measures

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Knox Now…

January 3 – February 14, 2021

Season of Epiphany

The term epiphany (in Greek, epiphainein), also called theophany means “revelation of the Divinity to the people“. God is revealed in Jesus Christ to ordinary people through a series of encounters/events that dramatically change people’s lives:

  • Joseph’s dreams
  • John’s baptism
  • The calling of disciples
  • The deliverance of a person from an evil spirit
  • The healing of sick person
  • The full revelation of God in Jesus through his transfiguration

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Being Still

Some of the Knox congregation discussed being still over Zoom recently. Why is it important to be still?  What are some ways you know of to be still or mindful throughout the day?  The congregation had many good ideas to share.

Stanley Park Forest

Stanley park Forest – a realm where anything is possible – where time doesn’t exist, nothing else matters, and anything is possible.

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