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A Free & Virtual Workshop Series

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      These engaging 1 hour workshops are open and free to the community as a place to come together to learn and ask questions about your computer, tablet, and phones in an enjoyable and relaxed manner. Join two knowledgeable co-hosts, for three fun and interactive workshops:

Photo by Providence Health Care

     Knox’s own, Joyce Kruger, a former nurse herself, and now a resident at St. Vincent’s Langara, came up with the title and some of the lyrics for the chorus for a music video, “Don’t Give Up the Ship” written and produced by Providence Health Care on behalf of all its long-term care sites, to honour the workers.

     Many of you will remember Joyce for her decades of service as Chair of Pastoral Care for Knox and her many years as an active Knox choir member.

     To learn more about the creative processes, how the video evolved and the caring attitude behind it please check out this article from Providence Health Care.

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Instrumental Measures Highlight

      Twenty-two-year-old violinist, Royce Rich, is establishing himself as one of Canada’ up-and-coming young artists.

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Instrumental Measures

Royce Rich

…“be kind, calm, and safe

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We invite you into rituals of remembering

     You are invited to remember the lost 215, knowing that they symbolize many more tiny shoes whose owners didn’t make it home, or whose lives were impacted by the experience of attending a Residential School.

Every Child Matters

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Dreamy Inspiration

     Sleep and anything to do with sleep – the in-ability to sleep or dreams have long been a topic for all kinds of artists. Even the sleeping patterns of artists themselves is an interesting topic in itself – perhaps even proof that every individual has their own sleeping patterns to encourage success or creativity.


DIY Potpourri

      Not only is Potpourri a great way to naturally scent your home but it is incredibly easy to do and allows for a ton of room creatively. Use your favorite flowers, fruits and greenery to create custom homey scents. Learn More

DIY Tea Blends

      Did you know that tea is the most commonly consumed drink in the world? Or that black, green and white tea are all created from the same plant, the only difference is when the leaves are plucked and how they are processed? We created two custom tea blends that you can make at home! Learn More

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