Memorial Services

The Celebration of Life Service  honours the life of a loved one who has died, and provides the opportunity to give thanks to God and celebrate that life.  The service also supports the family in the time of grief with the presence of  friends and neighbours, and through the words of comfort and assurance they receive.

 The Minister,  in consultation with the family, will plan a personal service, with regards to singing, scripture, remembrances, and prayers that reflects your loved one.

     Pastoral care visits are available, by either the minister or the Knox Pastoral Care team, either before or following the memorial service.  Please feel comfortable to call.  Sometimes a good listener is the best gift of all and we have many caring listeners at Knox.  Also available is the support of a caring and experienced Healing Touch team.

     The minister will arrange for the required staff to be present, and for the church facilities to be available on the day of the memorial.

 Photographs of the loved one are encouraged for the service or reception.  If a photograph is to be at the front of the church a larger size is recommended.  Guest books can be placed either in the foyer of the church or the church hall. 

Flowers should arrive at least two hours prior to the service.  They may be placed on flower stands at the front, or in the foyer.  Our church officer can assist in any of these details.

Projector and Screen rental is available if there is to be a slide show or PowerPoint presentation.

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Memorial Gifts are an opportunity to recognize those important to us.
     They provide; remembrance, sympathy for the alive and grieving as well as recognition of legacy, accomplishments and life successes.

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