How to Thrive Archived Sermon Series

We invite you to become familiar with the Book of Exodus as  background for the new  KnoxVan Sermon Series : How To Thrive in the Pandemic Wilderness and Beyond.

June 21… Exodus 35 (the Tabernacle)
Theme: The New Sanctuary

June 14… Exodus 34 (New Stone Tablets)
Theme: The New Identity, New Normal, New Law/Rules

June 7… Exodus 21-30, 31-32 (the Golden Calf)
Theme: Get Rid of the Old Idols

May 31… Pentecost (Communion) Acts 2. Exodus 19-20
Theme: Law in the Wilderness

May 24… Exodus 17:1-7: Facing the Amalek
Theme: “Lift Up the Banner”
How will you defeat your enemies in your wilderness journey?”

May 17… Exodus 16:1-30: Manna (Bread from Heaven)
Theme: “Cherish Your Daily Bread”
What/Who are your daily bread – your life source in the wilderness journey?
And do not take your daily bread for granted but be grateful for them.

May 10… Exodus 15: 22-27: At Marah (Bitter Water)
Theme: “Stop Complaining, Be Creative and Always Adapt”
Question: How will you respond to inconvenience of the wilderness journey? The Wilderness Journey will be inconvenient and bitter – so be prepared to be creative and adapt. Remember – Inconvenience is path to Innovation: “Necessity is the mother of invention” Thriving in Pandemic Wilderness Journey depends on your resolve to stop complaining and start being creative, and adapt to the new environment – tip: Inconvenience is a path to Innovation, if and when you begin to get unstuck from complaining.

May 3… Exodus 13: 17-22: The Pillar of Cloud and Fire
Theme: “Follow the Guide”
Question: Who will navigate your journey?

April 26… Exodus 12:33-41: The Beginning of Exodus
Theme: “Pack Light and Carry Only Essential Items”
The Exodus journey took the Israelites 40 years. It was a marathon, not a dash. Also, the Israelites had only one day to pack and move out of Egypt. They were in so much hurry to leave, that they didn’t even have time to fix food for the journey (Exodus 12:39).
Our wilderness journey (our life journey or Pandemic) will be long and winding. And this Pandemic crisis doesn’t give us much time for us to pack – only the essential items. We must pack light and carry only essential items. Question: What essential items will you pack and carry on your Pandemic Wilderness Journey and Beyond? If you pack too heavy, you will drag the journey for everyone. And, — you might be left behind.

in a Pandemic Wilderness and Beyond

A Sermon Series by Rev Dr Ricahrd Chung based on the Book of EXODUS. This Worship/Semon serries runs April 26 to June 28, 2020

Exodus has inspired HOPE and RESILIENCE in people of many a Pandemic Wilderness and Beyond.

COVID-19 requires you to stay in your home and physically distanced from others to make sure you, your family and community are safe. It may feel like inaction, so for the next weeks we invite you to use the time for reflection so as to experinece “coming out of slavery into freedom”.

We are not enslaved like the Isralites but we may well be enslaved to our computers, our egos, or the thoughts of others. We invite you to refocus your priorities and journey with us.

I believe this serries will be very relevant for all of us regardless of, religious orientation, experience and beliefs. We are all in COVID 19 together. So, let’s get ready to pack and journey together. We’d be very glad to have you join us.

See you all virtually Sundays at 10:30 am on this website,

Rev Richard