Knox Sanctuary Window

Colleen Coulter
July 8,2020

Sunday, April 29, 1962, our “The Resurrection” sanctuary window was dedicated by the congregation of Knox United Church.
     The chancel stained glass window project was undertaken in 1953, with funds from the Men’s Club, Women’s Association, Knox Operatic Society, interested donors and memorial gifts.

     In the Knox sanctuary, on the west wall, there is a photo of the beautiful stained glass window that is a much loved focal point in the sanctuary. Beside the photo hangs a history and description of the window. If you have never stopped to read it – here is your chance!

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The Story of the Window

     The second night after Christ’s burial has barely passed when a great earthquake shakes the earth. An angel descends from Heaven, rolls away the stone, and Christ emerges from the tomb. Even the angels cannot witness the mysterious scene without concern. They behold with amazement, this unparalleled demonstration of power on the part of the Prince of Life, whose appearance is that of a triumphant conqueror. Christ steps forth from his resting place, holding the banner which symbolizes suffering and victory. His course now is to be an everlasting and ever ascending one. He is treading his way upward and is drawing near the throne.

     The symbols in the base section of each panel are the tables of the law (the Word of God), the wheatsheaf (the Bread of Life), the chalice (the Last Supper), and the Holy Bible (Thy Word is Truth).

     The symbols in the upper tracery are the sun (Resurrection), the XP (Christ), the Aꭥ (the Beginning and the End), the IHS (Jesus, Saviour of All), and the pomegranate (Resurrection). Over the heads of the soldiers, in the outer panels, are the pillar and scourge and ladder, sponge and spear (the sufferings of Christ).

The text below the main subject reads: “I am the resurrection and the life”.

…… So that is the story behind The Chancel Window!

Isn’t the window glorious?