Helping Hands

     This week, we’re talking about hands so here are some ideas for conversation starters with the children.

How many different things can you think of that you can do with your hands?

     Think about different ways your hands can become “helping hands”…

  • around your house
  • in your garden
  • around your neighbourhood
  • around your country
  • around the world.

How can you encourage others to use their helping hands?

How do we know that God has us in his hands?


     The video story this week is called “How to Heal A Broken Wing”, by Bob Graham. Will finds an injured bird and with helping hands, nurses it back to health.

Sign Language

     Learn the sign the Alphabet in American Sign Language and sing the Alphabet Song by clicking on the this link.

Download this art…

Hand Colouring Page.pdf


     Almost all crafts are made with our hands. What can you make this week? Try finger painting, knitting, or folding some origami animals.

Finger Painting

     Try painting flowers using your fingerprints for petals. Or maybe paint bugs or animals using your fingerprints for their heads & bodies. Use your imagination and see what you can create!

Origami Birds

     Click on this link for a video on how to fold a simple origami hummingbird.

Finger Knitting for Beginners

     You don’t even need knitting needles to knit this way… You just need you hands! Try it out and see what you can make!