Pastoral Care at Knox

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Ways Pastoral Care Help

     Those on our Pastoral Care Team include Rev. Richard Chung, Rev. Sharon Copeman, , Helen Overgaard, Sydney MacKenna, Joanne Melville, Catherine Shen and John Carr.

KNOX — Our Pastoral Care Team is directly involved with visiting shut-ins, sending cards of celebration and condolence and sorting and distributing flowers which the congregation has enjoyed on Sunday mornings.  The flowers are shared with those who are shut-in, with some who are recently bereaved or with those who are celebrating a special occasion.  We work in consultation with the minister and support her pastoral work.  One of our special offerings under our Pastoral Care umbrella is Tea Time Talk with the Minister.  This was developed to give our seniors who are no longer able to get out on Sunday mornings the opportunity for conversation together and with our minister.

We are less directly involved with the work of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Healing Touch.  We support, encourage and appreciate the work of all who are more directly involved in these important areas of our congregation’s pastoral life.

NEIGHBOURS — Those who offer Healing Touch twice each month and those who prepare, serve and host the monthly Community Lunches connect with the wider community in a meaningful way as they work on our behalf and under the umbrella of the Pastoral Care Team.  We appreciate their work and value this ministry.

NEXT — Our work continues and will develop in response to the needs as they arise.