Changing Lifes Plans

The following article was written by Jean Angus for the Knox United Church Remembrances booklet, published in 2006. 

What happens when you have to rethink your life again?  It happened to me during the last war.  I had plans for my future involving a man from my hometown.  I was teaching on Salt Spring Island.  When the boat came in with the daily paper – the headlines had among those killed in the war – the name of my fiancé, shot down over Burma.  I remember walking off into the woods.  Suddenly I became aware that the trees were still growing.

Chuck had bought me a ring that he was going to bring home to me.  Instead the ring went with all his belongings to his parents.  His mother brought me the small ring when I was home.  I have it today. 

Then I wondered did I want to teach all my life.  Instead I decided to go to Toronto to what was  then the Deaconess Training School.  After a year there the Principal said I should get a degree at University of Toronto and prepare for the ministry.  After my degree I went to New York and got my Masters of Divinity.

What wonderful opportunities opened up for me.  Besides working in Montreal I went on to New Zealand and had seven wonderful years there.

I went to Pemberton and then got a call to Knox.  After leaving here I went to Oshawa.  After retirement I filled in at every hospital in
Vancouver while their chaplains were on vacation or ill. 

Having to change your life’s plan is not always bad – it may lead to something different with new challenges and excitement.

As many of you will know Jean Angus recently passed away.  She made Knox United Church a significant part of her legacy. We are still learning much from this very wise and loved woman.