Jay Finally gets her AMEN

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     We said goodbye to Rev. Jay on Saturday June 14, 2014, with love, wisdom and humour.   Change over the last 2.5 years came together that one afternoon.  Coffee and tea served in the transept and enjoyed in the pews.  Balloons decorated the sanctuary.  A group of musicians were so close to the congregation, we could almost hear them breathe and definitely enjoyed their playing.  The choir sat amongst us and moved forward without gowns, to sing a very lively anthem.   Deb who always sits in the very back – moved to the first row. Laughter was constant.

      The Skit was a highlight of the celebration.    Marg and Frances epitomized the Knox congregants.  Mary and Alan highlighted the impossibly super human characteristics we expect in our clergy.  Rev. Jay may not ever live down the inside joke of excess holy water at baptisms as illustrated by David’s hilarious portrayal of  the lifeguard on duty; and Bruce, at the ready, with water wings. Susan, playing Rev. Jay, smiled widely and with constant eye contact, stated that she could wait 2 more years to get a response out of the congregation.  We recognized ourselves and laughed all the more.  Almost every Sunday, Rev. Jay would encourage us to lose our inhibitions and ask “can I get an Amen?”  The skit choir delivered a resounding “AMEN”.

     Phil did a superb job of keeping things moving and emotions in check with his jokes.  The Board gave heartfelt tributes to Rev. Jay for her leadership, faith in the gifts of Knox people, and spiritual guidance.  Mary wrote a special poem that reminded us of how Jay hoped for our growth.  The children’s ensemble sang and thanked Jay for making their Sundays better.  Rev. Judith Stark reminded us of God’s presence and blessed Jay on her way.

     Knox’s careful selection of the parting gifts resulted in true joy and surprise from Rev. Jay.  She was almost speechless – almost!  Rev. Jay reminded us one more time that you do not do this kind of work for the Thank Yous – you do it because you are called by God.

     We all danced out of the sanctuary, waving our balloons, and singing “When the Saints go Marching”.  Yes, Rev. Jay finally got her AMEN.

       We will really miss her!