Trees, Plants & Flowers

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A New Creed

     We believe in God: who has created and is creating.

Trees, Plants & Flowers

     Last week we talked about God’s gifts to us of Water and Air. God also gave us the gifts of Trees, Plants and Flowers. Did you know that they all breathe air and drink water just like humans? Trees, Plants and Flowers actually help keep the air and water clean and provide food and shelter for many living creatures. They also make the world a more beautiful place!

     Take some time this week to go for a walk as a family and notice all of the wonderful trees, plants and flowers in your part of God’s World. You can also look for photos in books or on your computer to see what different kinds grow in other countries and climates.

– Count how many different types of trees you can find:

  • Notice all of the different shapes of the leaves on the trees.
  • How many trees have some sort of cone growing on them? (maybe collect a few that have fallen to the ground!)
  • Notice the different kinds of bark on the trees…rough, smooth, peeling, coloured etc.
  • How many different colours of flowers can you see?
  • Take some time to stop and smell the flowers…do you have a favourite one?
  • Think of all of the different things that trees, plants and flowers do for us…provide shade, food etc.
  • Imagine what the world would be like without trees, plants or flowers… then remember to thank God for these precious gifts!

Take a Nature Walk in God’s World

     Many people spend a lot of time  walking through God’s beautiful world. Here are a few photos from walks. We’d to see some of your photos too… so feel free to send them in via Contact Us

It’s A Song Of Praise To The Maker

Here are the words to the hymn that’s used as the music in our “Nature Walk” video in case you want to sing along!
It’s a song of praise to the Maker, the thrush sings high in the tree.
It’s a song of praise to the Maker, the grey whale sings in the sea.

And by the Spirit you and I can join our voice to the holy cry
And sing, sing, sing to the Maker too.
It’s a call of life to the Giver when waves and waterfalls roar.
It’s a call of life to the Giver when high tides break on the shore.

It’s a hymn of love to the Lover;
the bumble bees hum along.
It’s a hymn of love to the Lover;
the summer breeze joins the song.

It’s the chorus of all creation;
it’s sung by all living things.
It’s the chorus of all creation;
a song the universe sings.

It’s a Song of Praise to the Maker”, Words: Ruth Duck; Music Ron Klusmeier. Words ©1992 by GIA Publications, Inc.; Music ©1992 by Ron Klusmeier. All rights reserved; Used with permission. Reprinted under A-724418, #A-716393, #A729850.

How to Press Flowers

     Collect a variety of clean, bright coloured flowers and green leaves. Try to do it on a sunny day so that the flowers are not wet from rain or dew. Lay the flowers between two pieces of parchment paper and place them in a heavy book. Weight the book down with several more books on top of it so they stay flat. Leave the flowers to dry for 7-10 days. You’ll know they’re done when all the moisture is gone and your flowers are papery. There are also a variety of actual “ Flower Presses” available at craft stores if you want to give one of those a try. An old phone book (if you still have one!) also works well!

Pressed Flower Bookmark

Wax paper
Variety of small, colourful dried flowers & green leaves
Iron (for adult use only)
Cardboard & Glue (optional)
     Cut 2 strips of wax paper to to the size of a bookmark (aprox 2” x 6”). Arrange your flowers on one of the pieces, making sure they are not too close to the edge. Then cover the flowers with the second piece of wax paper. Using a warm iron (let an adult do this part!), melt the 2 pieces of wax paper together. You can use your bookmark just like this or you can glue it to a colourful piece of cardboard to give it more strength.

Pressed Flower Sun Catcher
     Follow the same instructions for the bookmark except cut your wax paper into 2 circles or two squares instead. You can make a cardboard frame for your sun catcher and attach a piece of string so you can hang it in your window.

Pressed Flower Lantern

     For this craft, use 2 large sheets of parchment paper instead of wax paper. You’ll also need a large jar lid or a short, empty can (a tuna fish can for example). Measure your parchment paper so that it will wrap around your lid or can with a bit of an overlap to glue it together. It should stand about 5 or 6 inches taller than the lid or can. Then, lay your parchment flat and cover one sheet with white glue. Before the glue dries, arrange your flowers and leaves on top of the glue. Place your second piece of parchment paper on top and press the two pages together. Place a heavy book on top for about an hour or until it’s dry. Once dry, glue the parchment around the outside of your lid or can with tacky craft glue or a hot glue gun to make it sturdy. Then place a tea light inside (or a battery operated tea light for safety!) and place your lantern on a table to enjoy! You can also do this craft in the fall using colourful dried leaves instead of flowers.

Plant a Family Tree

     If you happen to have a big space, you might want to plant a “Family Tree”. Find a type of tree that will suit your garden. Some different kinds to consider would be fruit trees, tall leafy trees, evergreen trees or blossom trees. But which ever kinds you choose, make sure to water it well! Don’t forget to take a family photo with your tree. You could even make the family photo an annual event so you can watch the tree grow over the years along with your family! Watch out for tree sales that happen in the city each Spring and Fall. Some cities even have free tree giveaways to encourage people to plant more trees and keep our planet nice and green!

Make A Tree Bark Owl

pumpkin seeds
tacky craft glue or hot glue
     Collect bark, acorns, twigs, and seeds on a nature hunt. Be sure to collect all items from the forest floor. Gently chip and break the bark into the shape of an owl. Glue 2 acorn caps to the bark to create eyes for the owl. Next, glue a seed under the eyes to make a beak. Glue the owl to a leafy branch and display! You can also paint the owl if you like!