Loneliness Forum Follow Up Gathering

Rev Dr Richard Chung

Rev Dr Richard Chung
January 18, 2019

     The Follow up Gathering to the Loneliness and Social Isolation Forum we held last fall took place at Knox on January 19, 2019, 9 to 12 noon in it’s Fellowship Hall. This gathering was not an open and educational forum, but a working group gathering.


     For Networking & Partnership, Exchange of Project Plans/Ideas (that are already in place and ideas only), Strategy group action plans & to share resources (funding, volunteer, and spaces).


     • Welcome & Review of 5 Breakout Groups from last meeting: (10 min)
Caregivers (of dementia and other mental patients), New Canadians & English Language Learner, Homeless & Poor, Seniors, Young Adults (Students & Workers)

     • Group Presentations (60 min) (15 min presentation for each presenter followed by 5 min large group digestion)

     • Amie Peacock (Beyond Conversation): overview of her work with English Language Learner/Recent Immigrant, Seniors and Young Adults.

     • Susan Burns (Westside Neighborhood Hub): overview of her work with caregivers (of dementia and other mental patients) and current resources (tool kits) for caregivers.

     • Angelo Moroni from S.I.T.E. Theatre group: on exploration and findings from “a:part – Breaking Social Isolation” performance, and ways for (the role of) the arts community and artists (both performing/visual) to help address and reduce isolation/loneliness issue in the community.

     • Break

     • Small Group Table Discussion (60 min)
          The participants will be broken into 3 table groups, facilitated by 3 presenters to network, share ideas, strategy action steps for each particular community group.

     • Brief introduction (participants introduce name, what group you belong to – and one sentence why you chose this group, and one sentence what you expect from the group)

     • Group Facilitator time:
          What tangible action step (strategy) can each participant do (join, further group meetings, project ideas, etc.)

     • Network: exchange contacts with the rest of group.

     • Each table group briefly share their group decisions with the large group (15 min)

     • Wrap Up:
          How do we want to continue as a large group: Do we want to come together once every few months for group support and further networking – and a group project for the wider community — or do we want to disband the large group?