Curated & Curious Overview

A Video Blog dedicated to exploring Artists & Artisans in our neighborhoods and beyond

The world is full of wonderful, creative people who are working in our communities to make it a bit brighter in their own unique ways. Through the web they are right at our finger tips; KnoxVan Events is thrilled to be able to bring you the stories, tips, and techniques of these creators from their homes and studios directly to yours.

Why a Vlog?

KnoxVan Events is looking to be a part of the art and artisan communities in an active way – we are so excited to continue to facilitate a dialog between artists, patrons, and the broader community about why artists do what they do. 

The opportunity to explore through the artist’s point of view, history, ideas and stories are particularly exciting to share with patrons in an accessible way for everyone to enjoy.

Introduction to Curated & Curious