Different but Good

Knox congregants and neighbours talked about how Advent and Christmas will be different in 2020.  Usually we have traditions and events that we look forward to, and many will change due to the pandemic.  Here are some highlights of ways we’ll observe Advent and Christmas this year:

  • “I look forward to hearing ‘Hope is a Star’ every year.  When I hear that hymn, that’s how I know the season is really beginning.”  (You can watch the Knox worship services to hear this hymn over the course of Advent.)
  • “Every year I look forward to the children’s Christmas Eve pageant.” (Our Worship team has a super plans in the works for virtual Christmas Eve worship services this year — don’t miss them!)
  • “At Thanksgiving we roasted a tiny turkey and sent some to our daughter’s house (picked up by our grandson).  We each cooked our own veggies, and then met together on Zoom to eat.”  (Many agreed they will be Zooming with family members for Christmas dinner.  Some of us will be using a caterer to cook!)
  • “Every year we spend a few days dreaming up a list of favourite appetizers, and then roll them out over the course of Christmas Eve — while watching A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim version) .”
  • “Speaking of new traditions, we moved two years ago, and spent months in advance designing a replacement for the mantelpiece that used to display our Christmas village. The new set-up involves Styrofoam and shelves, and it works just as well.”
  • “I’m allowing myself one Christmas ‘treat’ per day — to stretch out the joy of decorating.  And we’ll observe Hanukkah too, which brings a new light each day.”
  • Some of us will have more decor this year, and will put it up earlier.  Others will have less.  One of us received a small living tree from her family to decorate, and one of us will have 2 trees this year!
  • “A family tradition is to make Imperial Cheese cookies and to broil smoked oysters wrapped in bacon.”
  • “Our daughter brings us home-made cookies each year.  And I am addicted to meringues with whipped cream.”

Yes, things will be different this year, but as one wise congregant shared, “Sometimes traditions change, and the new ways can be just as good.”