A Realm Where Anything is Possible

   Kevin Wong shares with us that he begun this practice in 2020 and has been doing so quite often since – strolling through the Stanley Park forest. The photos below were taken by him as well.

The more I come to these woods, the more I appreciate what’s around me (particularly the wildlife). Further enhancing the experience is having Celtic music play into my ears, making it the perfect soundtrack. ( suggests https://youtu.be/znMgh8ZmRac)

It’s otherwise the closest alternative to give my inner self a place to rest.

I once saw a Facebook post that said something along the lines of when one prays to God, you’re in a realm where anything is possible. That’s what this forest is to me – a realm where time doesn’t exist, nothing else matters, and anything is possible.

And with the Aquarium and the Holy Trinity Cathedral closed, and my not being at Knox to film the virtual service (to reduce transmission risk), Stanley Park has become a bit more valuable.

Submitted by Kevin Kay Wong