Elspeth Robertson

KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Elspeth Robertson to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Elspeth is a Fiber Artist, Registered Clinical Counsellor & Professional Art Therapist.

In this episode we talk about running an arts-based store online for her textile art, what it’s like to attend an art therapy session and how her passion for the arts led her to a career as an Art Therapist and how it can be beneficial to clients.

Always knowing she wanted a career in a helping position, art therapy has been just the right fit, fostering her passion for working with people and blending in art to reconnect clients with their natural healing abilities through the therapeutic potential of imagination and creativity.

As a Textile Artist, Elspeth enjoys exploring floral motifs inspired by the nature that surrounds us here in beautiful British Columbia. She recently finished a weaving that incorporates embroidery with a tasteful selection of natural tones and materials. She also enjoys working with clients on special commissions, creating truly special gifts.

Embroidery, Weavings & Art Therapy

About Elspeth at Intrinsic Therapy

I am passionate about working with anxious and stressed adults and children to foster growth and self-expansion in all realms of human experience. I believe everybody has the intrinsic ability to care for their mind, body and soul, but we often become disconnected from these innate and evolutionary processes. 

My practice aims to reconnect you with your natural healing abilities through the transformative power of imagination, intuition and the presence of the creative process.

My belief is that the solutions already exist within you and we will work together to uncover them. 

You can find more information about Elspeth and her work through her various social media accounts.

Elspeth’s Social Accounts

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @riverbendblooms & @intrinsic.therapy
Find her website via www.intrinsic-therapy.com
Find her Etsy Shop via www.etsy.com/ca/shop/riverbendblooms

Find a therapist online on Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca or through Counselling Match https://www.counsellingmatch.com/


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