Hey That’s MY Mug!

Do you have a favourite mug? or Do you just grab whichever cup is available? Would you sulk if someone else used YOUR mug?

Nearly 60 per cent of people said that they have an emotional attachment to a mug. More than 40 per cent said their special kitchenware was irreplaceable and a third told researchers that they’d be “devastated” were their mug to break. (Survey by Heinz) – not that you needed a survey to tell you that.

Recently we asked the Knox folks to bring their favourite mugs to Zoom Coffee time for a Show & Tell. We learned that:

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Mugs trigger memories…..

Mugs are common gifts, souvenirs and keepsakes, so we often associate them with a beloved person, place, or time.

We learned of gift exchanges of mugs among friends, and celebrations of special occasions where the whole family received the same mug evoking a feeling of connection.

There were lots of special vacations and memories of where the mug came from and who bought it for us.

Collections of all kinds were highlighted – Elephant mugs, free promos from exhibitions, pets, hobbies and sports and clubs and events like the mugs from Boy Scout Jamborees over the years.

Mugs reflects me…..

“World’s Best Grandma & World’s Best Grandpa” topped the list

Mugs that are whimsical, made with quality, a favourite colour or nature scene.

Inspirational sayings, quotes I live by, my art project, words of wisdom

White inside -comfortable handle, easy to hold, big enough size, made to keep the beverage hot.

So many of our mugs were what you would have to call vintage – decades old and still used almost everyday.

One set of mugs actually came from one of the Knox Thrift Sales – recycled and re-loved while others are genuine antiques; others yet were family heirlooms passed down through 3 and 4 generations.

Mugs offer small luxuries……

Aromas and flavours are powerful, and if we obtain them by way of a mug, it’s only natural our minds forms a close allegiance with it.

Mugs are part of routines integral to our lives. We typically use mugs to get us going in the morning or to soothe us in the evening. Our mugs become these helpful, quiet, loyal sidekicks

Interestingly, no one presented a disposable coffee mug during our Zoom Show & Tell but we did have clear glass mugs recommended to those with limited depth perception.


So why do we appreciate mugs so much when we care so little for the sugar bowl?

These mugs may just be mugs, but they’re our mugs – our possessions. In psychology, the sentiment is called the “endowment effect” – it helps forge meaning to inanimate objects. With mugs, the feeling is often amplified, because we use them so often.

Hey – that’s MY Mug! Mugs are part of our identity. Many may be older than the kitchen itself but our affection often surpasses any objective worth the mug actually has. They’re just mugs. Yet, we love and adore these chipped old vessels despite or because of their stains, emblazoned mindless quotes and badly printed images.

We hope that YOUR favourite mug reminds you of happy times.

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