Daisy Fung

     KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Daisy Fung to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Daisy is a florist, gardener, and flower artist and stylist- working with plants she has grown herself right here in Vancouver in urban flower beds under natural conditions.

     In this episode we talk about the importance flowers have in every day life and how they touch people’s lives in different ways. Daisy is passionate about growing her own florals and speaks about the significance this has in her work as well as how this can be challenging in Vancouver.

     Daisy started her educational career with her first passion, anthropology, before switching gears after discovering a delightful new joy and passion in Scotland. We explore the connections between the two and how that impacts her experience creating arrangements for others.

That’s something you learn through flowers, you really get a taste for all those things that we celebrate and that we grieve

Daisy Fung

Florals, Arrangements & Styling

About Daisy

     I’m Daisy and my work aims to celebrate the timeless beauty, mystique and disarray of nature and the seasons with thoughtful artistry and design.  I create flower and botanical arrangements, adornment and installations for all events and occasions. I take joy in every invitation to make something meaningful and memorable. I am a social anthropologist by trade. I am constantly amazed at how entwined human rites are with natural ones, how flowers enliven, soothe and mirror the full range of our emotions, accompanying us through passages of joy and grief, and bringing celebration to the everyday. This is a labour and time intensive journey as well as creative. The care is everything and I take much joy in creating something special for you.

You can find more information about Daisy and her work through her various social media accounts.

Daisy’s Social Accounts

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @daisy__fung, @Daisy__shopwindow & @Daisy Fung Flowers
Find her website via www.daisyfung.com
Or to make an order please feel free to email Daisy at daisy.botanicalstudio@gmail.com or call 604-652-7315

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