During this pandemic the Knox Neighbourhood participated in several activities that involved submitting photos. We have turned some of those submissions into cards that you are welcome to download from this page for your own use.

     Simply click on the image using your right mouse button and scroll to ‘COPY IMAGE’ to get your copy of the photo. Please note that the Caption, such as Collage 1, will NOT be copied – leaving you with a pristine copy of the collage to use as you see fit. The Gallery Display you see on this page does crop some of the photos but when you copy them you will get the full dimension of the card.

VOTE for Photos to be Turned into PRINTED CARDS
….. for sale as a Collection of Cards From The Neighbourhood.

Send us your VOTE using the CONTACTS US FORM and type (or copy and paste the title of the photo for example: Stain Glass 1 into the form). You can vote for more than one photo in each submission AND/OR your can send us as many submissions as you like.


     Through much of Lent we hosted a PURPLE SCAVENGER HUNT. The idea was to look around for the anything purple in colour and take a photo of it. Each week we posted a bit of information about the colour purple. You can read about what we learned here: THE COLOUR PURPLE

Lanterns of Hope

     We joined with the national United Church of Canada and many others across Canada to light lanterns on the steps of Knox in support of a Guaranteed Livable Income. Our lanterns were originally made to bring light and hope to our community; we were pleased that they could also used to shine a light on an issue of poverty.

lantern 1
Lantern 4
Lantern 5
Lantern 6

Sending Love via Valentine’s

valentine 1
Sending Love 1
Valentines 2
Sending Love 3

     To help battle loneliness in our neighborhood many from the Knox community participated in a voluntary Valentine’s Day Card mail-out where we sent out some love into our community to let others know we care.

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Sending Love 2

Digital Daffodils

digital daffodil cross

Digital Daffodil Cross – a familiar Knox tradition shared in a new way with submitted photos gathered and shared as one image.

Here are a couple of PDF’s to show you what the Printed Cards could look like

Give us some feedback about the styles by using the CONTACT US Form

Outside our Windows

     Our first photo project of the pandemic, asked our community to share photos of the view outside their windows. Resounding participation furthered connection with each other. To see the individual photos from that project please visit: View from My Window



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