DIY Potpourri

   Potpourri is a great DIY project for anybody that uses easy to find materials and has rooms for lots of creativity!

Materials Needed:

Flowers, Dried
Select your favorite flowers – any will work but generally Roses, Lillies and Lavender tend to work best

Essential Oils
Select complimentary and/or favorite scents

Orris Root Powder
Generally, this fixative is only nessassary to make your scent last longer. It can be found at many local health stores, ordered on Amazon or at a local soap making store, Karma Suds

Cookie Sheet & Parchment Paper

Decorative Vases, Jars or Bowls

Are you looking for something to do with those old, dried up flowers? Or maybe you’d like a way to spruce up your home by giving it a natural, sweet , spicy or floral scent.

Either way making your own Potpourri is really easy and fun to do yourself or with family and friends. You can experiment with new smell combinations or different kinds of flowers, perhaps even create your own signature mix to give as gifts.

Some classic materials to use are Roses, Lilies, Iris, Lavender, Orange or Citrus wheels, cinnamon, vanilla, mint or pine. Bergamot and cardamom are a delightful twist to add if your feeling adventurous or send us your own ideas via the Contact Us button at the top of the page!