Rev Diane Halkett

Call at:
604 261 3747

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve God as the lead minister’ with those who attend Knox United Church in person and virtually online; and to walk together as a congregation of faith within the community at large during Rev Dr Richard’s Chung three month sabbatical. Let me introduce myself.

I have a lengthy history of serving in ministries of worship, health, counseling, pastoral care, and education. I have been employed and volunteered within God’s ministries both within the United Church itself and outside its brick and mortar walls. Within the United Church of Canada itself, I have offered worship and pastoral care leadership in a variety of settings including urban, rural, outreach and medical ministries.

I first realized that I was ‘called’ to Ordained Ministry at a young age although I have taken lengthy side trips over the years into other fields and professions including my present position as a Family Therapist for a Community Non-Profit Service.

I believe that it is important to feel at ‘home’ within a church family wherever that may be. I pray daily that God will enable me to consistently offer a welcoming, hospitable, nurturing, and pastoral congregational life to visitors, our cyber congregations, new members and long-time members and adherents at every opportunity.

Over the years, warm, welcoming, and faithful churches and communities of faith have been extremely central to ministry for me. I feel very honoured, in the name of our Triune God, to be in the position where I am blessed with the ability to develop relationships and work side-by-side with those who attend and/or participate with Knox United Church as well as members of the wider and digital communities in ministry, service, and outreach.

A church is only a building within a community. It is all of us, the beloved children of God, who offer and bring the haven of love, joy, and hope that shines within and beyond our church doors. Each week we celebrate that we have a story to tell and a story of love and hope to share wherever we are. It will be a pleasure to meet and cyber meet you and join you on a pilgrim journey. May God give us the strength and courage to live out our ministry as individuals and as community of faith each step of the way! Amen.