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A Picture of Love
A Community Appreciation Wall

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A Community Project

Share With Us Messages of Love and Appreciation!

     We invite you to share with us some images of community love with a message of appreciation to highlight those people and/or organizations that are the bright spots in our lives. You can share some love about a person who has made a difference this past year, a small business who has gone above and beyond or even share your pet with us and why they hold a special place in your heart.


     Send us a photo and a small note (or just a small note and we can pick out an image for you!) HERE or through the CONTACT US button above where we will post all of the submissions below in a special gallery together to spread community love and thanks.

This is a community event – all are welcome to share their love, thanks and appreciation!

Community Wall of Appreciation

The Main Entrance of the VPL

    ” I just wanted to send out a bit of love to the VPL – it’s a valuable resource and has helped me many times this last year with not only it’s great catalogue of books but is an amazing community resource for anyone.”

Hudson the handsome

    “A shout out to my amazing family and dogs – I couldn’t have done the last year without each one of you supporting me and helping me.”

Art and Music

    “A message of appreciation to those who entertain and educate through our community programs like Instrumental Measures and Curated and Curious”

Kerrisdale sign

    “Gratitude for our physical extended neighborhood – many great walks outside this past year through parks and along paths. We live in a truly beautiful place.”


Some delicious baking

    “A big thank you and sending love to Moore’s Bakery. I’ve been missing tea time at Knox and while I haven’t been able to enjoy the current bread with everyone else, it’s been nice to know I can run up the road and share it with my family. The staff are always so wonderful, I’m glad we have it in the neighborhood”

Organic groceries

    “If you haven’t been in to West Wood in Kerrisdale your missing out – I wanted to send them some love for helping me out the other day and pointing me in the right direction. Your local and creative selection is great”

    “Sending all the love to everyone at Knox. I appreciate your continued kindness and community”


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