Alison Jenkins

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About Alison Jenkins

     Alison Jenkins has been writing and releasing songs under the name LittleFox for the past year, but she’s been a songwriter and composer for much longer than that. As a music director and actor/musician she started out writing songs and music for live theatre over twenty years ago, and she has been playing in various bands for even longer. Just over a year ago Alison accepted an offer to spend a week on Gabriola Island doing nothing but writing…and was delighted to come away from that week with six new songs. A busy year of writing, practicing, and even teaching songwriting followed.  Alison has found the months during the pandemic to be an incredibly productive time. “It was a great equalizer for me. Suddenly, instead of feeling ‘less-than’ because I wasn’t touring or performing all the time, I could take my skills as a writer and multi-instrumentalist and create all this new material.” With a small home studio and the help of some fellow-musicians she began recording. Her first EP, Desire Lines, is currently being mixed at East Vancouver’s Blue Light Studios and she hopes to release a full-length album, Ghosts & Gasoline, in 2022.  Now, after over a year of steady writing, Alison is putting together a band and turning these songs into live music. “A lot of these songs are about being lost, or trying to navigate a way through complications. I love collecting stories, phrases, and situations, so the songs are not always about me but let’s face it- we’ve all been navigating our way through some really tough times over the last couple of years. Writing- whether it’s about me or an interpretation of someone else’s situation- helps me to see a little more clearly.” She describes her musical and writing style as “dark, but hopeful.” Along with her sorrowful and playful lyrics the accordion, banjo, and ukulele weave together songs about loss, love, death, and friendship.

About the Performance

     The songs in this set are about the hidden corners of the world and our hearts: being lost, falling in love and lust, and finding your place in the world. 

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Alison Jenkins

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
7:30PM – Video Release
8:00PM – Performer’s Talk

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