Artist Call for Wayfarer Exhibit

Call for Artist and Artisans

Artist Call for the 2nd Annual Wayfarer Exhibition

Presented by KnoxVan Events

August 27th 2022


Deadline for Submissions: Sunday, July 31st 2022


KnoxVan Events is seeking artists of all kinds for the 2nd annual Wayfarer Exhibit this August. This exhibit was created as a way for local artists to come together to celebrate community and the neighbourhoods we live in. The description of a Wayfarer is someone who takes a journey by foot or by wheels and we are inviting artists to submit works that honor the local landscape, local communities and people as well as local businesses.

We are recruiting artists, bakers, florists, dancers and any other types of artisans and performers to participate. Please note that currently we are only capable of accepting physical works as we do not have the capacity to support solely digital works.

This event is being facilitated both indoors and out – please be aware that each artist/participant is responsible for bringing and setting up their own easels, tables, plinths or other such display requirements for their own work. This could include a tent.

Artists are encouraged to bring cards, prints and other hand-crafted items. There is no charge for participating in the exhibition and KnoxVan Events will not take any percentage of sales made.

Further Information and How to Submit:

Click the PDF document below for further and important information. To join us and submit please fill out the form below the document.

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