Artist During Worship

      Live Painting with Tracy-Lynn Chernaske

A Snippet of the Live Painting

     At the invitation of Rev. Richard Tracy joined the congregation to paint live during the service! Starting as the service started, she used the time of the service to create a work that is reflective of the morning spent with the congregants and worship team at Knox.

     Tracy-Lynn Chernaske is a professional artist and Expressive Arts Therapist, splitting her time between Vancouver and Mayne Island. She strongly believes that art and artistic expressions are an integral part of the human experience and she has a long history of creating arts focused events that engage communities for many non profit organizations. As an artist she prefers to work with acrylics and oil pastels on paper and wood panels as well as create digitally. Her work is often created in many short, rapid fire sessions and the subjects of her paintings are frequently explorations of relationships and experiences. Tracy’s work is often hallmarked by blues and greens, trees and textures. Her work often resides in the abstract, as she prefers to let the viewer live with imagination.

     Below is the full video of the Camera Focused on the Artist – you can hear the rest of the Worship Service in the background. If you would like to view the Service picture in picture so that you can see all the goings on please click on the WORSHIP TAB for April 30, 2023

Video Recording of the Live Stream Camera focused on Artist

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Companies and private citizens are at the heart of sponsoring events. They allow art, in all its forms, to bring perspective to our lives.

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