COVID-19 March 20, 2020 ~ Update

Susan McAlpine

Susan McAlpine
March 20,2020

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If you prefer print or just like to follow along, here is the script:

March 20, 2020

     Keeping Knox and our neighbours safe and connected during COVID-19 is a key priority for all of us. Our Go-Team has been working hard this week, developing several initiatives which I’ll talk about in a moment.
     First though, a reminder that your Go-Team consists of Rev. Richard, Susan McAlpine, Debra Danny and Josie Barley. This week, we added Tracy Lynn Chernaske to the team. She’s shifted her focus from Tea Time Talk and the Sunday Social series to helping with our COVID-19 response.

     Please make regular use of the Knox Website so you won’t miss updates, and to participate in virtual practices of our faith. Work continues to develop a Sharing page and a Prayer Request page, and Sunday worship will be held from the site until further notice.

     Worship services will be ready on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM. We encourage you to participate at that time so we’re all worshipping together. But you’ll be able to see it on demand, too.
     After the service, we’ll be looking for your feedback: where you worshipped from, how your experience was, and so on. You can use the “Contact Us” button on the website to let us know your thoughts.
     Worshiping online is easy, even if you’re not a techy. We’ll send you a link to the worship page, and it will be as simple as watching any video online. If you don’t have a computer, tablet or smartphone, please connect with someone else from the Knox family, and see if you can join them for worship.

     We’ve been growing an old-fashioned phone tree! Congregants may have already received a call from someone, or you may receive a call in the next day or two. The purpose of these calls is Pastoral: to see how you’re feeling, and whether you have any needs. Just let your caller know.

     While the Thrift Sale may be postponed, we still have a big bin waiting for donations. If you’re keeping busy with spring cleaning, please bring us your donations. The office is still open regular hours. Please call Josie about the best time and way to deliver: 604-261-3747 .

     Many of our renters have suspended their operations, including the Preschool. Regardless, Social Distancing remains the order of the day if you find yourself at the building. It remains the most effective ways to limit the transmission of disease. Please work hard to maintain 6’ of distance between yourself and others at Knox, and out in the community. If you can reach out and touch someone, you are too close. Please also continue washing your hands often, with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and refrain from touching your face.

     Without our regular renters and special events, Knox will experience a drop in income. Even in these exceptional times, we have expenses to meet: salaries, hydro, phone bills, and repairs to name a few. Please keep up your pledged givings.
     This year’s Lent / Easter Special Appeal will be shared between Knox and the UN Refugee Agency. The UN will be at the front of COVID-19. Over 80% of the global refugee population and nearly all of world’s internally displaced people are hosted in low to middle-income countries, which are often overcrowded and have weaker health and water and sanitation systems. International support is urgently needed to help the countries hosting refugees and displaced people. If you’re unsure of the safest ways to give right now, please connect with Josie at the church office: 604-261-3747 .

     There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about COVID-19, especially on social media. Sometimes it seems completely plausible and looks real. Please don’t accept or share what you read unless you know and trust the original source or have checked it out first.
     It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by news stories and social media. Take a break from screens. Get out for a walk. Pray. Spring clean. Catch up on reading and hobbies. Make something. Breathe deeply and meditate. Watch a funny TV show. Call old friends and check in with neighbours.

Here are useful resources and information sources:

  • Some grocery & drug stores are offering opening times for seniors and others at risk; google or call your local shops for more information.
  • Snopes is an excellent site for sifting fact from fiction. You can search by topic to find out what’s true:
  • The latest COVID-19 news from the BC government can be found here:
  • BC211 is a searchable source for community resources throughout BC:
  • BounceBack is a free skill-building program designed to help you manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry. There’s an online self-paced course available at
  • BC Family Caregivers is an excellent online and coaching resource for caregivers. If you’re caring for someone else and could use some advice or help finding resources, try 1-877-520-3267 or visit

Thank you for your patience and conscientiousness in these exceptional times.
We exist to love God and our neighbours.
Please set a good example for others and ensure their safety by practicing diligent sanitary behaviours and social distancing / self isolation.
Be understanding and make conservative choices to protect others as well as yourself.

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