Music of the Baroque Period – Sunday Social Concert

     It was our privilege to feature the award-winning  Baroque Flutist Heather Beaty.  She was joined by Connor Page on Harpsichord and Shin-Jung Nam on Baroque Cello.

     The pre-concert chat was very informative as Heather assembled her flute talking about what made it unique and then went on to explain why she and her fellow musicians choose to play music that has survived and indeed thrived for centuries, on instruments constructed in accordance with the Baroque Period.  She also answered questions from the audience in fine detail and gave us some hints as to what we could be listening for during the concert especially selected for us. 

     It was such a treat to see musicians so absorbed in the music – obviously doing what they love.  Heather invited us up to see the music – copies of the manuscripts that the composers wrote in their original notation.  JS Bach’s was quite scratchy and Franz Richter’s was impeccably neat but very very tiny.  Just reading the music was quite a feat!!

     The Social Bar was a big hit.  The hall was beautifully decorated; the mulled wine piping hot and the food so delicious.  People were comfortably chatting with each other and discovered just how connected we all are in this community.It turns out that Heather attended the Pre-School at Knox along with her twin.  Heather and her 8 siblings/cousins were all taught music in elementary school by our choir director Colleen C. And Heather and her sister have actually performed before at a Knox Service.  So great to see a giving back to the community from all sides.

     The afternoon was topped off with take-home boxes of a special Yule Log made by our talented caterer Natasha.

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