Wayfarer Art Show

KnoxVan Events is excited to be presenting “Wayfarer – an exploration of our neighborhood journeys” on Saturday, August 14 2021.

KnoxVan events is thrilled to invite the community to come together to present a community based and free to participate outdoor art show. We welcome everyone to apply as an artist or volunteer, just see the information below!

Invitation to Submit for Artists

To be a Wayfarer means to taking a journey on foot – something many of us do every day, especially this past little while. This art show is meant to celebrate all the wonders that we have been able to witness by staying closer to home – what is it that you would like to honour on your daily walk? What or who has caught your eye or imagination that you have visited by travelling by foot or wheels? Or perhaps you want to explore the feeling you get on your local hike. However you want to interpret what it means to be a Wayfarer we want to see it!

A Couple of Points:

This call is open to all artistic levels & anyone residing in the Lower Mainland is eligible to submit. No affiliation with the church is needed.

This is an open community event and is free to participate and attend.

We are not able to take submissions with violent or overtly nude/sexual subjects as this event will be open to all ages.

If you would like to submit more then one piece (up to a limit of 5) please use the email in the PDF below. You will need a total of that many stands/displays to accommodate them.

For the details please check out our Artist’s Call Package PDF here:

To Apply to Be a Participating Artist

Please fill out and submit the following form

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    By Submitting this application, you acknowledge that it is the artist’s responsibility to:

    -Drop off your piece and set up by 11:30AM on Saturday, August 14th 2021

    -Pick up your piece at 5:15PM on Saturday, August 14th 2021

    -Provide a display or stand such as an easel or plinth. No display that requires insertion into the ground or leave lasting damage can be accepted.

    -Acknowledge that location does NOT provide insurance for any artworks

    -Acknowledge that KnoxVan Events may use photos of submitted art/participants to share through social media channels (with appropriate artists credited) and to advertise the art show.

    Please note that if you would like to stay onsite with your piece during the art show you are more then welcome to do so – it is suggested artists who do, bring their own chair.

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    Knox supports and encourages others to support ARTISTS as they find new ways to share their skills and work within our communities.

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