Casavant Pipe Organ

Knox Organ Keyboard

     Movie rentals and musicians performing at Knox have appreciated the musical instrumentation available.

     The organ of Knox United Church was built by Casavant Brothers, Ltd., of St. Hyacinthe Quebec in 1950 as Opus 2037 with 10 stops.

     Andrew Chapman of Vancouver installed seven additional Casavant ranks in 1956. The organ was cleaned and enlarged in 1989 by organ builder Adrian Koppejan of Chilliwack.

     The electro-pneumatic action organ is located on the east side of the chancel behind a screen. The detached two-manual console is on the west side of the chancel.  

Compass of Manuals CC to C of 61 keys.
Compass of Pedals CCC to G of 32 keys.

Downloadthe specifications in a PDF

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