Divine Invitation and Human Response – a New Sermon Series

     Showing the breadth and variety of voices within Scripture, the Narrative Lectionary invites You to hear the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the prophets, Jesus, and Paul.  The texts proclaim what God is doing. The stories tell of hope and disappointment, suffering and redemption. In all these varied contexts, we find God dealing with the complexities of human life.

September 12 to October 10,2021

In the first 5 Sundays, starting September 12, we will be covering the major stories from the Book of Genesis and Exodus. The series “Divine Invitation and Human Response” will examine how our life’s meaning is intimately interlocked with our response to God’s invitation to Kindle Our Chaos, Choose Our Sacrifice, Remember Our Bethel, Know Our Great “I Am”, and Cherish Our Manna.

Please join us on demand for
The Divine Invitation and Human Response Virtual Sermon Series
based on the Narrative Lectionary
with Rev Dr Richard Chung

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