DIY Heart Bird Feeder

Click the video above to watch us make some DIY Heart Bird Feeders!

We wanted to show some love to our feathered friends and neighbours while getting creative!

Watch us create some Heart Shaped Bird Feeders that you can easily re-create at home to adorn your own yard and home. The trick is defiantly in the gelatin – follow the instructions on the packet carefully and allow yourself lots of time to let them dry out – overnight is best!

This recipe makes many feeders so it may be best to cut it in half and use one packet of gelatin and 1.5 cups of seed.

We do want to note that it is important to use un-flavoured gelatin and that it is helpful to do a bit of research into what type of food would attract the type of bird you’d like to see at your feeder. Generally most birds enjoy sunflower seeds so a mix that features these would be a good place to start. Some nuts and dried berries can make great additions as well – what would you add?

Don’t forget to take pictures of your creations to share with us! You can email your photos or tag us on Instagram – we’re looking forward to seeing them.

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