Summer Spirit 2021
The Gospel According to…..
Virtual Worship Service

Sundays, July 4th – September 5th
on demand from 10:30 am

Participating congregations:
Knox, Marpole, Oakridge, Pacific Spirit, Shaughnessy Heights, St. Stephen’s, Trinity Grace and Wilson Heights United Churches

La Fiammata
An Instrumental Measures Highlight

July 13 2021
7:30PM – Concert Release
8:00PM – Performer’s Talk Back

Wayfarer Exhibition
Exploring our Neighbourhood Journeys

August 14 2021
On Location & Free

Helping A Neighbour
Jesus said, “love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”
In the spirit of Jesus, Knox is about loving our neighbours.

     We appreciate all donations –
on any level you feel you can give.

     Every dollar helps us reach into the neighbourhood to:
           create connections,
                reduce loneliness,
                     and support the Arts.

Your ARE Making A difference.
Thank you!

Find Knox

5600 Balaclava Street
Vancouver, BC
V6N 1L1   Canada

COVID 19 has made life very difficult for many in our community. Knox supports and encourages others to support musicians and artists as they find new ways to share their skills and bring harmony to us all.

Contact Knox…


by email

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