Instrumental Measures with Tamami Maitland

RECORDING of the LIVE Instrumental Measures Concert
Tamami Maitland on Piano with Bassist Emilio Suarez

About Tamami Maitland

     Tamami Maitland is a singer-songwriter/Jazz pianist based in Vancouver BC. Since 2021, she has been selected to perform at showcases and festivals across BC including DTES Artist Showcase, On Your Block Festival, Vines Art Festival, Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival and more. This year she just finished her first international tour in Japan performing at 13 venues across Japan, and will be performing at Powell Street Festival in the Summer 2023. With an extensive Jazz education received from Berkley College of Music and Capilano University, she developed her own style of music which is interspersed across several genres of jazz, pop, R&B and soul. Her music can be described as soothing, groovy, melodic, and rich in harmony. Tamami has a clear goal of writing /performing music. It is to encourage and help people to stay positive, especially to those who are feeling sad or facing difficulties in their lives. She believes that Imagination helps both our self healing process and developing our creative mind. For this reason, she is a big fan of many different forms of art. She believes that Art exists and plays a big role in developing our brain, expressing ourselves, sending messages, and connecting with people. And that’s exactly what she wants to do with her music.

About the Concert:      

Growing up in Japan, she was influenced by music by Studio Ghibli, Japanese culture and poetry. The lyrics of her original songs are often related to nature, the seasons and love, just like traditional Japanese poetry. At this concert, she will showcase her original songs which have deep connections with nature. As the journalist Abhinaya Natesh from Burnaby Now describes Tamami’s music
in the article after the interview: “Sky Canvas was written as a response to finding light on a dark day. Maitland (Tamami) encourages others dealing with their own struggles to do the same. She holds to a maxim: “Tomorrow will be a better day.””, she hopes to encourage and help people to stay positive through her performance at the concert. She will be performing a duo with the talented bassist Emilio Suarez.

Connect with Tamami:


Facebook: Tamami.Maitland.Music

Instagram: @tamamimaitland

Twitter: @TamamiMaitland

YouTube: Tamami Maitland

Spotify: Tamami Maitland

LinkedIn: Tamami Maitland


KnoxVan Events Presented
Tamami Maitland

A Live In Person Performance at 5590 Balaclava Street

Saturday, June 3, 2023
By Donation
7:30PM – Concert Start
Performer’s Talkback Afterwards

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