Life Lessons with Jesus ~ Vodcasts

A Lenten Journey Through the Gospels with Richard

            Join us on a unique Lenten journey where we’ll explore some of life’s biggest lessons through the eyes of Jesus, as told in the Gospels of Mark and John. This vodcast series isn’t about being overly solemn; it’s about finding meaningful insights and joy in our walk with Christ. Each week, Richard will dive into a different Gospel story, unpacking how these ancient narratives have a surprisingly fresh and relevant take on our modern lives.

Rolling Stone

Easter Vodcast:
Roll Away the Stone: A Message of Hope and Renewal

      In this episode, Richard shares a simple yet profound story from a small-town Easter pageant and draws powerful life lessons from it. It’s a narrative about transformation, courage, and the joy of rolling away stones of fear and doubt to embrace a life filled with light and possibility.

Palm Pilots

Holy Week:
“Life’s True Pilot: Navigating the Digital and Spiritual Worlds”

      In the spirit of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Richard explores how technology like the Palm Pilot and other organizing digital gadgets have given us control over our busy lives, paralleling how Jesus’s death and resurrection offers to navigate our life’s journey.sacrifice — with the birth of societal life from the accidental brew.

The Accidental Brew

Lent 5: “The Accidental Brew: Civilization’s Rise from a Grain of Wheat”

      Step into the simple yet profound story of a grain of wheat, left behind in the wild, that fermented into the first beer and settled wandering tribes into the cradle of civilization. “The Accidental Brew” intertwines the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with the ancient narrative of discovery, paralleling the biblical essence of John 12 — where life springs from a single grain’s sacrifice — with the birth of societal life from the accidental brew.

Fearless: Win Those Battles

Lent 4: Fearless: Overcoming Life’s Hurdles

      In this vodcast episode, Richard unpacks the true stories of overcoming common fears. Join him as he shares the transformative moments of facing and conquering our personal Goliaths, offering encouragement and a blueprint for bravery to all of us.

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Tipping Fatigue

Lent 3: Tipping Point: When the Sideshow Becomes the Main Show

      “The Tipping Point” explores the tension between generosity and expectation in our tipping culture, drawing a parallel with the biblical story of Jesus overturning the money changers’ tables.

Delayed Gratification – Worth The Wait

Lent 2: Delayed Gratification: The Wait that Elevated

      Dive into the transformative power of patience in “Delayed Gratification: The Wait that Elevates.” Richard shares his inspiring journey of overcoming health hurdles by choosing veggies over vice during Lent, proving that self-discipline isn’t just good for the soul—it’s great for the body too. Join Richard as we learn that the best rewards aren’t just handed to us—they’re earned through the art of waiting.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Lent 1: Cover Up? Unveiling the Truth Behind Temptation

      Dive into a spirited discussion on the misunderstood concept of temptation, ignited by a high school cheerleader’s dress code incident. Richard challenges the narrative of external temptation and instead, turns the spotlight inward, examining personal responsibility in the face of desire. From ancient tales to modern dilemmas, discover how true strength is forged in the moments we choose integrity over impulse.