Navigating Uncertainty

A Vodcast Series
with Richard

          Richard will explore pivotal stories to address the challenges of living faithfully amidst today’s confusing and uncertain moral landscape. Each Episode, we will look at how divine guidance can inform our choices and strengthen our walk in a complex world.

Heart and Courage

“What is a (good) Man?

      Join Richard to discover what truly makes a good man. In this episode, Richard explores the stories of the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, highlighting the importance of heart and courage. Learn how real strength comes from compassion and bravery from facing fears, drawing inspiration from King David.

Legacy: House vs Faith

“Leaving a Legacy: More Than Just Dollars and Cents”

      In this episode, Richard explores what truly matters when it comes to what we leave behind for future generations. From the realities of the housing market to the biggest wealth transfer in history, and the unparalleled value of strong moral character and faith, Richard challenges listeners to rethink their legacy.

From Words to Actions

Making Words Matter: Beyond Token Gestures

      In this episode, Richard dives into the power of words and their impact. Are our acknowledgements and apologies meaningful, or are they just empty gestures?

Victim Hood ? ~ Keep Smiling

      In this episode, Richard explores the trend of playing the victim through a humorous and heartfelt personal story. Struggling with language barriers and perceived discrimination, Richard learns that a simple smile and a shift in mindset can transform life’s challenges. Join Richard for a journey from victim hood to empowerment and discover how to reclaim our narrative with positivity and resilience.

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