Pancake Art

Click the video above to watch us make some DIY Pancake Art!

As we move through February dreams of pancakes start dancing in our dreams. With this in mind, Pancake Art has been super popular over the last few years and it’s been fun to watch the flip reveals from fantastic artists and cooks alike. With this fantastic cross over between food, art, and fun, KnoxVan Events thought it was time we try them ourselves!

The technique to keep in mind is SMOOTH and THIN pancake batter – we thinned ours with milk but you could use a milk replacement or water if you choose. Whatever you use make sure you mix very well to remove any lumps. The other important tip to keep in mind is LOW AND SLOW – you’ll want to cook your pancakes in your pan or on your griddle at a low temperature and slowly to avoid browning and changing the colour unintentionally.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your creations to share with us! You can email your photos or tag us on Instagram – we’re looking forward to seeing them.

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