Self Made an Expressive Arts Workshop

An In-Person Expressive Arts Workshop

Sunday, October 16th
at 5590 Balaclava Street

Presented by
KnoxVan Events and River & Pine Expressive Arts Therapy

Cost $20.00

     In this guided inter-modal expressive arts workshop, participants will reflect on different parts of themselves and their community and create affirmation cards. Tracy will guide participants through several different modalities including light stretching, music, word association and poetry. We will use these creative expressions as a guiding tool to first imagine and then create personalized affirmation cards for oneself.

     Affirmation Cards have become popular in recent years as a way to encourage confidence, clarity, and positive thinking. They can be carried around in your pocket or bag as a thoughtful reminder for yourself or others. Or they can be left by your bedside to help start or finish your day with feelings of calmness and peace.

     Curious about what Expressive Arts Therapy is? Read on!

There is no need to have any experience with art, poetry, or expressive art therapy to attend this workshop. Participants will be supplied with the materials. This workshop will be facilitated by Tracy-Lynn Chernaske, a certified Expressive Arts Therapist.

An example of affirmation cards

     SIGN UP By Clicking on the Button Below to join the workshop as there are limited spots!

     This workshop is open to everyone and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions. We do have a maximum of 12 slots available so click the button below to register now to avoid disappointment! Please complete an individual registration for each person wishing to attend. If you would like to register a group please call the office at 604 261 3747.

Pre-registration is required.
Participants can sign up by clicking the button on this page.
A note that any movement will be within the abilities of those attending and will not be taxing.
It is suggested to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allow gentle movement, and that you wouldn’t mind wearing during making art
The number of participants is limited to 12
No previous experience or skills are required – only an open mind and willingness to participate
This is a community event – all are welcome!

     Please note that there is a minimum number of participants for this workshop so please share this page with your friends and family.

Sign up deadline is Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

About Expressive Arts Therapy

     Simply put – Expressive Arts Therapy is an integrative and multi-modal art-based therapy that can use multiple artistic outlets and mediums such as imagination, creative writing, painting and drawing, movement and music. These modalities are used to explore and improve mental, physical and emotional well being. This workshop (and EXAT in general!) is not about making art to hang in a gallery; it’s about playing with our imaginations and exploring the processes of creating in a safe, non-judgmental space and making something meaningful to you.

About the Facilitator

Tracy of River & Pine Expressive Arts Therapy

     Tracy (she/her) is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist having recently completed the program at Langara Collage. Her private practice opens this fall in the Southern Gulf Islands and is called River & Pine Expressive Arts Therapy. She is excited to work with clients to create a safe, playful and curious space anyone looking to explore aging, grief, anxiety, self-confidence, creativity or any other part of themselves that would like to be explored.

     Tracy has been enjoying working with seniors’ groups as well as with an elementary school the past year and through those experiences (and many others!) has found new passions to add sound and poetry to her toolbox of expressive arts mediums. She is thrilled to continue to work with the Mayne Island Assisted Living Society every Wednesday, running the Creative Café program as well as developing new programs and workshops for non-profits.

     To find out more about Tracy, Expressive Arts Therapy and River & Pine visit her website

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