Sound Healing Meditation Event

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Join us for a Sound Healing Meditation Experience

Saturday June 10th at 2PM
In Person
5590 Balaclava Street, Vancouver

Presented with
Klára Abdi de Luz of Klarity Wellness

Cost: $24

     Sound is an excellent way to reach a deep meditative state where the mind, body and spirit can heal. In this event you will be introduced to the nature of sound healing, with a chance to ask questions, and then be guided through a sound healing meditation adapted to the needs of the participants. With a background in music and training in various healing modalities, Klára Abdi de Luz has been doing group and private sound and energy healing sessions for the past five years. She uses Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, shamanic drum, wind chimes, rattles, as well as her voice, to offer a unique experience to her participants. If you wish to lie down for the healing meditation, please bring your own yoga mat, cushions and blanket to be comfortable. You will also have the option to sit during the healing. The body often cools down when in a deep meditative state so please bring warm clothes and/or a blanket to remain comfortable.

Originally from Czechoslovia, Klára escaped her country with her mother and elder brother and became a refugee to Canada at the age of 10. In 2014, she embarked on a healing journey to heal her developmental, complex and inter-generational trauma. She is currently a PhD Candidate at UBC, writing an arts-based dissertation examining her own trauma healing journey. She draws on concepts from psychology, various forms of alternative healing and spirituality. Through her healing work with clients and her PhD project she is in the process of developing a unique healing framework for the healing of trauma.

     This workshop is open to everyone and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions.
We do have a maximum of number slots available so please click the button below to register now to avoid disappointment!

Please complete an individual registration
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If you would like to register a group
please call the office at 604 261 3747.

Pre-registration is required.
Participants can sign up by clicking the registration button on this page.
The number of participants is limited to 30
No previous experience or skills are required – only an open mind and willingness to participate
This is a community event – all are welcome!

     Please note that there is a minimum number of participants for this workshop so please share this page with your friends and family.

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