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Rev Dr Richard Chung


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Personal Profile of Richard Chung:

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus is my friend, my teacher, my Lord and my Savior. I try to follow Jesus as closely as I can through my lifelong vocation to bridge people to God, to help people to be intimate with Jesus and to know and to be known by God as God’s beloved.

As a church minister, my passion has been to help church community to resonate the good news of Jesus Christ to its culture and neighbours. I believe the arts and the arts-making (visual, performing, and culinary arts) are the best medium to bring church and its culture together. Knox United Church’s vision is to engage the neighbours through the arts, building a community without loneliness. I am dedicated to serve this vision.

I love music, singing, especially. My dream as a young man in university studying music was to become next Pavarotti – which was a big dream, but I don’t have a big talent – a good voice, but not a great voice, — my wife reminded me. So, I chose the second-best career – a church pastor (just kidding). I haven’t been singing much since I became a pastor. Maybe, soon, I will join a choir or start a part time lounge singing, — or who knows, you might find me busking near English Bay Beach area.

I love running. Running helps me to be a disciplined person; physically, mentally and spiritually. I have also raced Triathlon competitions in the past and continues to train for future competitions. My goal is to race a half Ironman competition in the summer of 2020. Although my mind is willing, my body is not ready yet for that grueling race this year. For that, I need to train smart and longer period. I am a goal-oriented person, and if I put my mind into anything, I almost always complete my goal, even with pain and adversity. Please, pray for me. (And I’m not kidding)

I love Starbucks. It’s my home away from home – my third-place. Most of sermon writings and research works are done while I’m at Starbucks. People have asked me if the noises and the crowd bother me. Not really. I can tune-out everything by putting on ear plugs and listen to music while I’m writing. People often asked me why Starbucks. I like coffee there, but what I really like is its atmosphere; smell, sound, sight, interactions, the barristers’ action- it’s the overall welcoming culture that fills your senses, anchors your mind and spurs your creative spirit. I fell in love with this third-place culture for more than 20 years. Often, I wonder, what if the church can be more like Starbucks – creating and providing this welcoming environment. Then, I think the church would be a great place for people to come and belong.

I love living in Vancouver, especially living in English Bay Area, the most diverse, dynamic, fun and beautiful area I’ve ever lived so far. I love sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean at English Bay Beach near my apartment during sunset. It’s truly an awesome and wonderful sight.

I am happily married with the love of my life, Sue, for over 30 years and very proud to have 2 grown up adult children, Yoon-Hee and Simeon, and my grandson, Jayce who live in Edmonton. My life partner, Sue, grounds me and my children and grandchild are the source of my pride and joy. I hope we can all live closely together in the near future.

Paul O’Neil

Property Maintenance

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Madelene Klassen


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Sanctuary at Knox

Christopher Cliff

Office and Operations Manager
– Cureently On Extended LEAVE

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Colleen Coulter

Choir Director

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Boots the Church Cat

Boots – Church Cat

Past Ministers

Rev Elizabeth Bowyer
2014 – 2017
Rev Edith Baird
1998 – 2005
Rev Hartwell A Watts
1957 – 1976
Rev Jay Olson
2012 – 2014
Rev Joan K McMurtry
1989 – 1997
Rev Sidney G Woolfrey
1944 – 1956
Rev Sally McShane
2005 – 2011
Rev Dr Gordon C How
1976-1980 1983-1987
Dr A. F. Munro
Dr A F Munro
1922 – 1944

At Knox’s 110th Anniversary we celebrate the work and dedication provided by these church leaders…

Full Time Called or Interim Ministers

Student ministers:
David Gray (1910-1912)
A.M. O’Donnell (1910-1912)
Rev. O.A. Patterson (1912 1915)
Rev. M.H. Wilson (1915 1922)
Dr. A.F. Munro (1922 1944)
Rev. S.G. Woolfrey (1944 1956)
Dr. A.E. Whitehouse (interim, 1956 1957)
Rev. Dr. H.A. Watts (1957 1976)
Rev. Dr. Gordon How (1976 1982 and 1983 1987)
Rev. Blake Pritchard (1982 1983)
Rev. Gordon Hyde (1987 1989)
Rev. Joan McMurtry (1989 1996)
Rev. Maggie Enwright (1996 1999)
Rev. Edith Baird (1999 2005)
Rev. Sharon Cooke (2004 2005)
Rev. Barry Cooke (2004 2005)
Rev. Sally McShane (2005 2011)
Rev. Janice Guthrie (Ministry Supply)
Rev. Jay Olson (2012 2014)
Rev. Elizabeth Bowyer (2014 2017)
Rev. Dr. Richard Chung (2018 – )

Assistant Ministers:
Rev. Rit Brown
Rev. Hugh Irwin
Rev. Val Anderson
Rev. Jean Angus

Members of Knox Called to the Ministry:
Rev. Doug Graves
Rev. Dal McCrindle
Rev. Glen Watts
Rev. Sharon Copeman
Rev. Cari Copeman-Haynes

Ministers in the Knox Congregation over the Years:
Rev. Dr. Reg Wilson
Rev. Ian McKeown
Dr. Chuck Anderson
Rev. Dr. Philip McShane
Rev. Elly Bradley
Rev. Sharon Copeman
Deaconess Jean Macdonald
Rev. Gerry Payne

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