Summer Spirit 2021

THE GOSPEL according to…

The reason we need to hear, see and feel the GOSPEL everyday is
because everyday we forget the GOSPEL

Grab your device and come worship  ONLINE
for everyday Good News
with the Summer Spirit Congregations

     July 4 – September 5 inclusive

Every Sunday, Digital Stream at 10:30am and on demand thereafter

Followed by ZOOM Fellowship at 11:30 am

Participating Vancouver United Churches congregations:

  • Knox
  • Oakridge
  • Pacific Spirit
  • Shaughnessy Heights
  • St. Stephen’s & Marpole
  • Trinity Grace
  • Wilson Heights

Click on the Pink Button with the Presider’s name to link into the Worship Service for The Gospel according to… for that week

July 4 – The Gospel according to BROADWAY

Broadway musicals tell our stories of lament, affirmation, imagination, opening our eyes to hopes and dreams. Holy Communion will be celebrated live via Zoom. All are invited and all are welcome!
St. Stephen’s & Marpole United Church

July 11 – The Gospel according to THE IRISH WHISTLE

Exile and Homecoming
Shaughnessy Heights United Church

July 18 – The Gospel according to WALKING

“The Gospel According To… Everyday Good News”
 This week we’ll focus on Walking: Pacing your life at Godspeed.

Oakridge United Church

July 25 – The Gospel according to A BLACK MOTHER

Rev. Keitha Ogbogu is the Lead Pastor at West Springs Church a Free Methodist congregation in Calgary, Alberta. She believes that the church holds the potential to transform neighbourhoods, cities and individuals when we get it right. She is married to Cyril and together they are raising three black princes, Samuel, Emmanuel and Ezra.
Guest Preacher for Shaughnessy Heights United Church

August 1 – The Gospel according to SOURDOUGH

Holy Communion will be celebrated. All are invited and all are welcome!
Wilson Heights United Church

August 8 – The Gospel according to STARBUCKS

Living a Life of Grande Passion
Knox United Church

August 15 – The Gospel according to KIMCHI

The Way of Spicy-Hot Followers
Knox United Church

August 22 – The Gospel according to DOG

Pacific Spirit United Church

August 29 – The Gospel according to DANDELIONS

Scripture speaks of lilies and mustard seeds, but what about weeds? Is there room for the lowly and everyday dandelion to speak to us of the kin-dom of God?
Trinity Grace United Church

Sept 6 – The Gospel according to COMMUNITY GARDENS

Pacific Spirit United Church