Wayfarer Art Show

KnoxVan Events is excited to be presenting
“Wayfarer – an exploration of our neighborhood journeys”
on Saturday, August 14 2021.

KnoxVan events is thrilled to invite the community to come together for a community based outdoor art show between Noon
5 PM on Saturday, August 14 2021.

We are curating a fantastic line up of professional artists in a variety of mediums – all of whom are local within the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas. We welcome everyone to join the artists in celebrating the artistic treasures our community has to offer.

Check out these speed paints of some of the artists preparing for the show……

About Attending the Exhibit

KnoxVan Events has been busy curating a fantastic line up of local artists (Artist List Below!) who have been invited to highlight 1 between 5 works each surrounding the theme of being a Wayfarer. This means the works could include themes of traveling, walking, hiking, friends and family close to them or nature among many other interpretations. We are thrilled to bring these select works together to share with the community and each other.

Keep your eye out here on this page for a list of artists and a sneak peek at some of the work that will appear. Also follow us on Facebook (KnoxVan Events) and Instagram (@knoxvanevents) for more!

A Couple of Points:

This is an open community event and is free to attend.

This is an all ages event – there will be no work that has violence or nudity.

We ask everyone attending and participating to respect and adhere to current COVID protocols. We also ask for everyone to consider and respect that other’s comfortability level may be different then their own and so we also ask for patience and kindness for everyone attending and participating.

Our Participating Artists

Shaina Ardell
Shaina Ardell is a Vancouver based artist that began focusing on watercolour in late 2018. She moved to British Columbia with her husband to pursue a master’s degree in speech-language pathology and has found painting to be the perfect creative outlet to balance the workload of school. The heart of her work has been capturing tiny, tangible pieces of everyday life that may easily be missed. The paintings are small-scale to represent fleeting moments in time. Shaina’s goal is to capture recognizable items through soft and delicate watercolours for you to enjoy.

Mary Bliss
Along with other Art at Knox group members, I will have a few greeting cards (5”x7”) for sale.

Tatiana Burstyn
My name is Tatiana Burstyn; I was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Canada in 1988 and now live in Vancouver.  Being trained as a geologist I spend a lot of time in the wilderness and especially in mountains.  This taught me to appreciate and respect the nature.

I enjoyed all styles of paintings but never thought that I will start to express my feelings by painting. After settling in Canada I was changing a lot of professional fields and did not have a lot of free time. Retirement gave me an opportunity to relax and appreciate the beauty of everyday living and surrounding. I started to make sketches and learning through the books on principals of painting and taking different paintings classes.

Living in Vancouver and be surrounded by so many flowers and be able to explore rapidly changes colors of sky and ocean, I realized that I mostly like acrylics because of vibrant colors.

Ian Carter
Painting since retirement in 2013, I was an Architect and am a member of “Men in Hats’ & “Brock House Artroom” I have shows currently at The Pacific Arts Market; The Niche Gallery, and the Cambie Village Massage Therapy Centre. I paint Representationally in watercolours and Abstract (or non- representational) in acrylic mixed media. I am married with three children and three grandchildren and was born in England, moved to Scotland at 11, then Nigeria for three years, and landed in Vancouver in 1974. I have paintings in the UK, Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Celine Caldwell
Hi, my name is Celine and who am I? That’s a great question that I am constantly redefi­ning myself. I make Pottery and have been for the better half of a decade. I love all forms of art, but pottery really speaks to me in its ability to encompass the many aspects of 2-D and 3-D art that I love. It is rigid yet forgiving in nature; reliable yet unpredictable regardless of how many years you dedicate to the practice. A culmination of hypocrisies and oxymoron that give way to endless challenges and boundless possibilities; a creative’s paradise. Growing up on the North Shore of Vancouver BC, I have always loved the presence of nature at every turn. Most of my memories of home include spending afternoons nestled among the trees, evenings swimming in the ocean, and days on the mountains- whether it be hiking or skiing. Much of my pottery is inspired by the feeling of being grounded, the shapes and forms taking inspiration from much of what you can fi­nd right in our own backyard. My current focus in on the thrown form and sculpture, some of which takes 10+ hours to render from start to fi­nish. I enjoy experimenting with colours reminiscent of the ocean, in the way it flows and melds; a symphony of blues that make me want to go for a swim at Cates’ Park or Ambleside.

Tracy-Lynn Chernaske
Tracy-Lynn has had a love affair with all visual aspects of theatre for over 15 years Technically a freelance Scenic Artist, Tracy-Lynn has worked for theatre groups all over the lower mainland under many different job titles but her heart always remains a painter first and foremost. One of her favorite jobs was for “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune” when she was asked to paint a 32′ moon across a stage floor.

For fine art she works mainly in large scale abstracts and created a jewelry line, Liberty Pendants, made from almost completely recycled materials from the “throw away pile” of finished theatre sets to create hand-painted, one-of-a-kind pieces that add drama (literally!) to anything they are worn with – no two are identical, each has it’s own history.

Currently attending school to add a career as an Expressive Arts Therapist she is passionate about the positivity and healing that the arts bring to people’s lives.

Beverly Grice
Beverly is a self-taught artist who continues to be inspired by the diverse beauty of Nature surrounding all of us. Her artistic development began early, but she now can pursue painting more vigorously as a retiree. Whether finding herself with others or alone, in the great outdoors or in the studio, painting is a joyful centering experience. This “Inspired by Nature” exhibit includes images of trees and landscapes that shows the energy Beverly draws from nature, so abundant in the gardens of Vancouver and along our coast. Her series called “Memories of Haida Gwaii” is featured on her website. If you are interested to see other images or discuss acquiring an original piece of art for yourself please contact Beverly directly.

Lukas Lundberg

I’m an artist from Sweden residing in Vancouver, working as an Lead FX Artist within the visual effects industry. I’ve completed commissioned mural works in Vancouver, Victoria, Sweden, Spain and L.A. My primary mediums are acrylics, latex and spray paint. I enjoy working with portraits (often animal portrait) using vibrant color palettes mixed with abstract elements. I’m a selected member of the Victoria mural rooster, selected commissioned work for Vancouver Mural Fest 2020, Yaletown BIA, Robson Street BIA, Gastown BIA, Andina Brewery and Vivreau Canada.

Elena Markelova
My artist’s journey began when I was very little. I remember myself enjoying painting and having my artwork exhibited at kindergarten; but it was my mom who helped me to set this path as my only way in life, and I’m so grateful for that. She signed me up for art school when I was 10 years old. After 13 years of studying different mediums and techniques, I realized that I have unconditional love for watercolour. There is magic in the unique ability of the medium to produce exciting, interesting and sometimes unexpected, random ways to blend and mix colour.

Kathleen Niebuhrkathleenniebuhrart.wixsite.com/kathleenniebuhrart

My name is Kathleen. I am a self-taught watercolour artist and an ER Registered Nurse. I have loved art since I was a kid. As a little girl, I would haul all of my art supplies in front of the TV on Saturday mornings to watch and follow along arts and crafts shows. Creating has always come naturally to me, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started taking it seriously.

I went through a really tough season in life, and I used watercolour painting as a form of stress relief. Over time, my LOVE and PASSION for watercolour began to grow. Friends would tell me how beautiful my paintings were and encouraged me to showcase my creations online. I listened, and that was when my Instagram art account was born! Little did I know that this hobby would blossom into my small business today. 

Marylin Nordquist

My retirement years have been filled with art! I have taken many courses over the years including photography, art history, and have tried several different mediums such as oils, watercolours, pencils and now acrylics. The photos I take are my references that I work from. My subjects are usually taken form local scenes or from trips that I have taken. I enjoy painting the different seasons, especially spring and autumn! Mountains, clouds, buildings, flowers, gardens, trees (especially the multi-coloured autumn leaves!) or the gorgeous beautiful pink cherry blossoms! I continue to take workshops and courses from professional artists and my learning is ongoing.

Robin O’Brien –
Robin O’Brien is an award-winning Vancouver watercolour artist and active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, the West of Main Art Walk (Artists in Our Midst), the Brock House Art Group, and Coordinator for Art at Knox. Her watercolours are found in collections across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. Proceeds of her watercolour sales support the Write to Read Project which delivers books, libraries, computers, tablets and high speed internet connections to remote First Nation communities in BC (writetoread.com).

Gillian Olson
A long time Vancouver resident, watercolour artist, active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, convenor of the Brock House Artists Group, member of the South Delta Artists Group, avid photographer, and blogger. Gillian is inspired by the natural world around her, enduring cultural monuments and whimsical architectural details seen locally and while travelling. Two recent trips to Haida Gwaai have been both unforgettable and have provided a focus for recent work. She captures ideas and images with her camera and those images inspire both her art and blog. She works from a studio in her home. Gillian has shown her art in galleries, solo and small group shows in the community and at small commercial venues. Her work is in collections nationally and internationally.

Margaret Ostrowski
Margaret has had a fifty year interest in the creative arts.   However a full time job and raising children put that interest for the most part on hold.  Now that she is retired she regularly paints in her home studio and has chosen acrylics as her medium because, as she has explained, they are opaque, forgiving, thick and earthy.   She particularly likes to paint mountains, trees, birds, the ocean and lakes. 

She is an associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a member of the West Coast Artists Guild, Brock House painters, and has paintings in Australia, Toronto, White Rock and Vancouver. Her works have been exhibited online and in several local galleries.  She donates all sale proceeds to SEVA for eye surgeries in Nepal.

Samira Sukhatme
Art is in Samira’s blood. She comes from a family steeped in art and culture, which includes artists, architects (like herself), Indian classical singers, and engineers who’ve played a vital role in shaping the artist she is today. 

Samira’s childhood was spent mostly by the beach or in the garden with her mother, it was nourishment for her soul, and when she wasn’t around nature, she was painting in her home in Mumbai, India. You can explicitly witness the undertones of her colourful childhood and her love for nature in her work today. As her passion for painting developed, a hunger for perfecting her craft led her to taking numerous art classes in her teen years. She embarked on a journey to explore the world of architecture, like some in her family. She worked for renowned architecture firms in Mumbai and Hong Kong, which enhanced her cultural pallet. She also taught architectural design and mentored students at her alma mater for four years. Working with the young, creative energies inspired her to pursue her original passion for painting and turn it into a career. After spending a fulfilling three years in Goa as a full-time artist, Samira moved to Vancouver with her loving partner in 2018. Her love for nature and animals urged Samira to choose a vegan lifestyle and lead by example; she also holds a particular fondness for cats.

Heather Swallow
I grew up in a musical and artistic family. My favourite tools are ink and wash, and I keep a few journals of these on the go, but every so often I get the itch to work in other media. I use paint, ink, paper, textiles, wood, canvas, video, photography, and digital design. I work in communications at the School of Nursing at UBC and as a member of Pacific Spirit United Church, I chair the Arts Committee where we enjoy enhancing worship with visual and performing arts.

Maureen M West
I am a West Coast artist. My early interest in art was influenced by the beautiful vibrant watercolour art in children’s storybooks. I paint with the finest quality watercolour paint and archival paper. I am a self-taught artist and my art process is simple. I start by really looking at a subject that has caught my eye and in some way I fall in love with its colour, symmetry, and subject matter. I then figure out how I am going to put this feeling onto paper. Everything I paint has touched my heart in this way. I look forward to your questions and discussion about my art.

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