Walking in the Time of Corona

Meditations on the Three Essential Life Lessons for Today

Series Synopsis:

     An accurate measure of a person is in how they live out their values and beliefs every day. However, discerning which values and beliefs to embrace for personal growth is a challenge, especially now. Often, walking helps us to clear our minds to discern the profound things in life. In the next three weeks, I invite you to meditate on the following three essential life lessons from the Bible. In this time of Corona, I invite you to “walk the path,” “live generously,” and “over-deliver.”

September 13     Walk the Path

Based on Romans 14:1-12

     Our world is full of bullies and victims: the bullies who would demand the world (and the weak ones) to conform to their way, and the victims who would blame the world (and the strong ones) for their misfortune. We often find ourselves falling into either bully or victim, or both – judging and condemning. Apostle Paul teaches us that judging or blaming others doesn’t get us far in our life. Ultimately, we are to walk our path, take ownership of our lives, and be responsible for every action, big or small. Stop judging or blaming others (or the world) and taking one’s accountability seriously to what matters. Walk the path. Because, ultimately, “it’s God, we are answerable (accountable) to – all the way from life to death and everything in between – not each other.” (Romans 14:8)

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September 20     Live Generously

Based on Matthew 20:1-16

     We desire to live in a fair world. We believe that life should be fair, and we expect to receive our fair wage for our work. If not, like the day laborers in Jesus parable (Matthew 20:1-16), we complain, “It’s not fair!” and demand our fair share. But what these day laborers and all who are hearing this parable do not appreciate is that God is not about fairness. God is about justice-filled grace and calls us to live generously. Because what Jesus envisioned and called us to strive toward is the world where “the last one standing in line, will be the first one to get in.” (versus. 16 paraphrase).

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September 27     Over-Deliver

Based on Matthew 21:23-32

     The religious hierarch of Jesus’ time lived by the rules. And they discredited anyone, especially Jesus, who did not play by their rules. But Jesus rebuked them because the real authority that transforms people’s lives is not about playing by the laws and following the rule books. It’s about living in the Spirit of God, and doing God’s will. We need to stop making promises that we can’t keep. We need to under-promise and over-deliver.

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