WAYFARER 2022 Exhibit at Knox in Vancouver

Exploring our neighbourhood journeys to make the arts accessible.

Music, arts, crafts and culinary arts joined the 2022 exhibition with:
20 unique participating artists and makers,
a Community Art Project,
Sentimental Journey Orchestra ,
and an Artist Talk.


   In 2022 the Sentimental Journey Orchestra brought their big band sound – it was great. Their 18 members thrilled the audience. Take a listen ….

Sentimental Journey Theme
Meglio Stasera
Big Band Sound
Fly Me To The Moon
Secret Love
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
Shiny Stockings
String of Pearls
Somebody Loves Me
Introduction for Sentimental Journey
Those on a picnic blanket outside on the front lawn also loved the Big Band sound coming from inside the building.

Art, Crafts and Culinary Art

(Images of displays, preparation and contribution to our neighbourhood)

Early morning setup
Early Morning Setup
Card & Crafts Cardfully Displayed Outdoors
Cards & Small Art Carefully Displayed
Knox Invited Folks Inside This Year
Knox Invited Folks Inside This Year
(The view inside when setup started)
Promoting Local Artists
Promoting Local Artists
Pottery Honey Bowls
Pottery Honey Bowls in time for Fresh Honey
Culinary Treats from Bliss Preserves
Culinary Treats from Bliss Preserves
Art with Colour Intensity
Art with Colour Intensity
Hand Crafted Art Books
Hand Crafted Art Books
Artists Setup Outdoors
Some Artists Setup Outdoors
Card Display by Know Entrance
Some Artists Setup Outdoors
Setup Art and Card Craft in the Entrance
Some Artists Setup in the Entrance
Unique Pottery Displayed
Unique Pottery Displayed
Knox Rip N Stitch Crafts
Knox Rip N Stitch
Amy Dyck Art
Amy Dyck Art
Art for every day use - original cards
Art for every day use – original cards
Wayfarer Audience for Sentimental Journey
Sentimental Journey Audience

A Look back to our first Wayfarer in 2021 …

(in 2022 we expanded all our categories and doubled the number of booths)

Wayfarer Art 2021
2021 Wayfarer Art Show
Wayfarerr 2021
COVID Era Wayfarer Art Show
2021 Artist Display
2021 Artist Interactions
2021 Wayferer Pottery Display
2021 Pottery Art
2021 Heat Safety Booth
2021 Cooling Tent
Wafarer Art Show 2021
Wayfarer Art Show 2021
Wayfarer Artist Diplay 2021
Wayfarer 2021 Artists Display
2021 Show Piece Art
2021 Show Piece Art
2021 Wayfarer Friendly Visits
2021 Wayfarer Discussions
Wayfarer 2021 Outside Only Displays
Outside Only Displays in 2021
2021 Wafarere Art Display
2021 Wayfarer Art Display
2021 Show Piece Art
2021 Show Piece Art
2021 Wayfarer Attendance
2021 Wayfarer Visits were a big part of the exhibit attraction