Life Without Plastic

May 24,2020

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Hello Knox submitted by Frances Herzer

     There are a few companies out there offering plastic-free products and Francis wanted to highlight some that have been dependable for her over the past little white.

     First up is Life Without Plastic. They are based in the US but have a great variety of items that range from Zero-Waste Living to Kid’s and Baby products. Their mission is to raise awareness on the health and environmental problems posed by plastics while making the solutions more accessible, and empowering people to be part of the change.

     Find out more about Life Without Plastic from their website here   

     Secondly there is a company called etee – based out of Toronto, Canada they also have a great variety of products that are mainly focused on food storage options and cleaning for home and body. A family-created company they started out by creating organic and plastic free food wraps and storage solutions. Please note that while etee is a Candian based company their listed prices are in USD.

Find out more about etee here