A Prayer for Mothers’ Day

A funny and heartfelt Video for Mother’s Day!

Loving God,

     We thank you for the mothers you have given us, and for those who have been as a mother to us. We’re grateful for their love and patience, their wisdom and guidance, and for the unending care they have given us throughout our lives ~ when we really needed it, and even when we thought we didn’t.

     Help us to remember the love of our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mentors and friends who have gone before us; and to know that their legacy of love lives on in our hearts and in the ways we interact with one another.

     We pray for mothers who struggle with anxiety, stress and depression, and for those who feel chronically short of the time and tools they need to cope with the demands of each new day.

We remember mothers at home and all around our world who have lost children, or who are raising children in the midst of war, hunger, disease and poverty.  We ask you to care for them and provide the courage and resources they need to sustain themselves and their families.

In Jesus name we pray,