Cherish Your Daily Bread

Rev Dr Richard Chung

Rev Dr Richard Chung
May 17th, 2020

Cherish The Days Moments Of Joy and Wonder

How to Thrive in a Pandemic Wilderness Journey and Beyond

Part 4: Cherish Your Daily Bread

Based on Exodus 16:1-30: Manna (Bread from Heaven)

     God provided and nurtured the Israelites with a heavenly bread every day in their 40 years of Exodus wilderness journey. God gave them their daily bread, Manna. It was their life source that fed them always! But they complained and were ungrateful.

     What is your daily bread, that sustains, nurtures, satisfies, and feeds your body, mind and soul during this pandemic period? What (who) is that something you have overlooked in the past, but now you are much more aware of, that you have grown to appreciate and cherish more ever than? Jesus said, the kingdom of God is like “a treasure hidden in a dirt.”