St Stephens, Delta, BC

Churches Change as Times Get More Complicated

     As the years go by new realities surface. The needs of those near and far keep presenting themselves. The variety of causes are more than any of us can deal with.

     Congregations find their center, as they focus on issues they are best at and can do something about. No issue is as simple it seems at first glance. Understanding the dynamics of an issue take open minds and attention to detail. Navigating the path to work on any issue takes the focus and dedication to not get side tracked.

     The United Church of Canada has many congregations. It is an inclusive body that engages the views and needs of all who wish to participate. Each congregation contributes by adding its focus and achievements towards a better community for all.

     Churches close, their focus changes just like your life realities change. Knox is a place where those looking for a better fit can turn to. Whether as part of Knox’s focus, at that time, or as a path to another nearby United Church with a more comfortable alignment. Lets make life better for all each day.

     When St Stephens started up in 1891, farms and their work hands made up the whole community. A century later Vancouver, Delta and Surrey have become the nearby community. The 100 seat St Stephens sanctuary remains in the middle of remaining fields. St Stephens has become a historic site managed and owned by the City of Delta. The Highway 15 drive to this old church now is replaced by church trips to more cosmopolitan churches closer to home.

St Stephens Delta address signage.