Elena Markelova

   KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome watercolorist Elena Markelova to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Always an artist at heart, Elena started her work as an artist when she entered art school as a young child – this gave her a wonderful opportunity to explore many different art mediums before she fell in love with the magic of watercolours.

   She was encouraged and supported by her family – originally from Siberia, Elena has traveled many different places and eventually landed in Vancouver by way of a job opportunity. She continues to create artwork inspired by the landscape and animals of the West Coast as well as illustrative and whimsical maps of local historical townships and cities.

   Elena very much values creating work that people have a connection to and under normal circumstances Elena loves to be able to connect in person with her patrons by being a vendor at various art markets and hosting shows of her work around the lower mainland area. These days she is finding new ways of keeping this connection during these times via her social media channels.

Watercolour Paintings & Maps

Artist’s Statement:

   My artist’s journey began when I was very little. I remember myself enjoying painting and having my artwork exhibited at kindergarten; but it was my mom who helped me to set this path as my only way in life, and I’m so grateful for that.

   I moved to Canada just over 6 years ago and found my inspiration in the beauty of city and nature, the power of the ocean and the enchanted life of the creatures that inhabit my new home. Thanks goes to my mom as I realized that if you want to create something really thoughtful you should make it with love. I put my heart into every piece that I paint.

   It’s my hope that you not only love my artwork, but my soul that lives within it.

You can find more information about Elena and her work through her various social media accounts.

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