Lantern Projects

       During these times when the dark can seem over whelming it’s nice to take a moment and think about the light that shines through our community. Lanterns can be a great reminder of the light in dark times and are commonly found in most homes, whether decorative or practical. Lanterns make an appearance on most camping trips, on our patios and in our backyards, as well as at various celebrations. Guiding us and keeping our homes bright.

     Did you know that the first Chinese lanterns were invented in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 AD) and used as lamps and for the worship of Buddha? Lanterns are made world-wide and culturally have different styles, uses and meanings behind them. They are made with many different types of materials including paper, wood, metal and glass.

     Try making one of your own using the instructions below! All you need is a few items you probably already have at home for these flameless, recycled lanterns.

DIY Recycled Lantern

     Create this easy recycled lantern using an old juice tetra pack and some paint .

Painted Vase Lantern

     Repurpose an old vase by giving it a painted, stained glass look.

Simple Paper Lantern

     Use some heavy cardstock or paper and have fun cutting out shapes and patterns.

     We joined with the national United Church of Canada and many others across Canada and lit some of the lanterns we made on the steps of Knox in support of a Guaranteed Livable Income. Our lanterns were originally made to bring light and hope to our community; we were pleased that they could also used to shine a light on an issue of poverty.

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