Magdelena How and Derek Stanyer – Sunday Social Concert

     Music activates every area of the brain that we have mapped so far – something that was demonstrated by the pure engagement and enjoyment witnessed at the January 19th Sunday Social Concert with Magdelena How and Derek Stanyer.  This was our largest turn out so far. 

     Magdelena and Derek truly ‘wowed’ a very appreciative audience – stupendous performances.  Magna’s personality coming through in each and every piece added to her truly awesome talent. Her first selection was 12 minutes long – talk about breath control. The versatility of Magnelena’s voice, it’s pure tones, and the wonderful facial and body movements truly made the music come alive for all.

     Derek was so at ease on the piano – you could just tell that he was at one with the music and if it had not been for Magna alerting us to the high level of difficulty of the accompaniments we may never have known the skill it actually took to make it all look that easy. An introduction to a new composer was enthusiastically welcomed by the audience and the solo performance of a favourite selection The Lark soon became a new favourite of those in attendance as well.

     The pre-chat afforded us the opportunity to really connect with the performers.  They shared what they loved about pieces and working with each other for the first time and even educated us about Art Songs – based on a question from the audience.

     The Social Bar was a very big hit as well.  Our creative caterer Natasha had laid out the most beautiful variety of cold meats, cheeses, pickles, mustards, bread, crackers, and vegetables on an enormous charcuterie board – with wine and juice selections off to the sides – that was enthusiastically devoured by the chatty attendees.

     As the photos reflect , SUNDAY SOCIAL CONCERTS are a good place to come to make new friends.  Hope to see you next month.

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